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Canada Fund Zhang Xu: A shares return to normal event driven lurking in the blue chip Securities Times reporter Li Shuchao in the reform dividend fund manager Zhang Xu, adhere to the value, grasp the theme, event driven latent investment in blue chip stocks, this is obtained to determine the relative benefits of investment ideas in investment. Under this idea, Zhang Xu managed to fund dividend plus reform established in August 13th last year, after several rounds of high level stock market sell, not only has never fallen below the nominal value, but also contrarian gains a positive return of 8.11%. Event driven lurking in the blue chip stocks experienced in the 2007 -2008 cattle bear after conversion, Zhang Xu on the stock price fluctuation law has conducted in-depth thinking: that is how to return in pursuit of certainty in an uncertain market? Zhang Xu said, the summary and study the various stages of the history of the 3 years or 1 times more than more than and 200 stocks, trying to find the core driving factors of rising stock prices, finally found the sharp rise in stock is a common: in a period of rising stock prices, often accompanied by the expected release period when the performance. "Five golden flowers from 2005 to the Bank of real estate big bull market in 2008, then to 2010 consumer market shares, emerging market stocks leading the industry with industry growth support, leading stocks than expected performance in common. Such as the 2005 Baosteel (4.900,   0,   0%), 2007 China Merchants Bank (18.560,   0.05,   0.27%), Vanke A (23.270,   -0.05, -0.21%), 2010 Qingdao Haier (10.520,   -0.16,   -1.50%), the industry leader will be accompanied by a performance surge expected to support the stock price." Zhang Xu said. In Zhang Xu seems, in 2015 rose market crash is abnormal, the stage of the market. He explained that the 2015 bull market bubble burst and the results did not materialize leading shares there is a certain relationship, such as supporting the "The Belt and Road leading shares after the merger of Chinese Zhongche north and South car (9.310,   0.01,   0.11%), performance is not significantly improved, and the high valuation of the GEM stocks real earnings growth only around 20%, many stories of the enterprise, can not support the long-term valuation. Talking about how to layout the true blue chip stocks, Zhang Xu said, can drive company performance event known as the theme, and strive to find a strong theme in the short term strong drive up the performance of the layout. A shares return to normal in Zhang Xu’s view, from last year’s leveraged cattle fell A shares market is returning to normal. Zhang Xu analysis, the current stock market is returning to normal: the first is to return to normal valuation, valuation of the central board from 150 times high last year dropped to 60 times, "has gone through half of the journey to the bubble, but the current valuation level still needs time to digest, and underestimate the value of blue chip valuations also need to return to the historical average; two is from a performance driven mode of stock return, before the story, fry.相关的主题文章: