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Elder-Care Dementia is irreversible and once it happens there is no going back. Everything in life seems new and unknown to the patient and unless he or she has help, leading life close nigh impossible. Add to that the fact that dementia patients are almost always old, and you begin to understand how difficult it may be for them to understand the hardships they are likely to face without your assistance. Why Patients Need Personal Care And Attention? With the onset of dementia patients lose the power of thought, loss in motor balance and judgement are also .mon signs of it. Though dementia isnt considered a disease, it is a condition that directly affects reasoning & .munication – two of the major faculties of the human brain. Why Home Care Service Is Better Than Keeping Patients In Care Homes? Putting a dementia patient in an environment that feels alien to them wont help them at all. Instead of sending them away bring them home and have Health Care at Home take care of their needs. When dementia sets in everything seems to lose meaning. This apathy and lack of interest makes it even more difficult for people to cope with the challenges of dealing with daily activities. How Health Care at Home helps Home care experts help by creating the right kind of environment around the patient which is crucial in making them .fortable. Once the proper environment has been established everything else like feeding and dressing the patient simpler. These experts apply different methods to make their wards feel .fortable. These are some of the techniques that have proved to be greatly beneficial in creating the correct background for further treatment. Follow a Routine Patients often remain confused and to prevent that from hampering normal life, care takers try to establish .mon patterns in the lifestyle of the patient. Simple routines when repeated with regularity set a pattern which is easy for everyone to follow in the house. What this also does is defines periods of clarity when the patient is not confused and better in control of his/her faculties. Less is Always More In Dementia Home Care For best results Health Care at Home involves what is known as graded assistance. The patient is allowed to do as much of his/her daily activities without assistance. Guidance and assistance is limited to verbal .mands and in very rare cases physical assistance which helps the patient in maintaining functional independence a very important & desirable quality in patients of dementia. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: