Carrying forward the spirit of China with literature and art

Carrying forward the spirit of China with literature and art — the general secretary of the people’s daily, Xi Jinping, pointed out: "the core values are the spiritual bond that a nation depends on, which is the common ideological and moral foundation of a country. If there is no common core values, a nation, a country will have no fixed, no soul. Why can the Chinese nation life and growth in nature, in thousands of years of history, passing the torch of tenacious development? A very important reason is that the Chinese nation has inherited the spirit of the pursuit, the spirit, the spirit of history." He specifically asked: "the socialist core values embodied in the vivid, lively and vivid literary creation, with the works of the image true to life to tell people what should be affirmed and praised, what must be opposed and negative, do run without sound, salutary influence of education." This important statement summarizes the unique role to cultivate and promote the socialist core values and important position, and emphasized the China spirit is always the soul of socialist literature, provides an important follow for further prosperity and development of socialist literature and art. One not the spirit of the power of national to self-reliance, not a career to lasting cultural support. How to change both the content and form of literary works, but they remain the same, which in essence is a spiritual product, is to highlight the noble spirit, soul education as a fundamental to the building. Especially under the socialist market economy, the trend of consumption demand and material is becoming more and more prominent. It is in this case, the need for a more spiritual navigation. Because people have thought, spirit, values and sense of morality, so that talent will become its people, people and human society will continue to appear in the new creation and development. Hagel said, "a nation needs a group of people who look up to the sky". The role is to create a good spiritual food for the masses, and with advanced thoughts and lofty spirit make people have the intention and ability to look up at the starry sky. Lu Xun was great, not only that he published many books and published a number of articles, but to his eyes and the pen and essence or deeply direct social foundation and human nature, for almost every strokes and each character of his hands, accurately and deeply touched the fluctuation of the reality of social life and every soul in the central Chinese. This not only makes his works reflect in life often can make more penetrating, demolish with penetrating criticism, and his thoughts in almost every word between the lines have radiation penetrating camouflage and nonstop soul light. This makes his works far beyond the wisdom of all the cultural circle of contemporary, radical, elegant and knowledgeable, as Mao Zedong said Chinese modern society "the saint", become known as the "national hero" and "national spirit". Lev? Tolstoy said "live to tell the story, but the reader is from" war and peace "" Anna? "Karenina" Resurrection "and other works in the readings of the philosophy of life, enjoy the noble humanity, understanding social law, realizes the moral force. Because of the author in the story)相关的主题文章: