Case of sudden death from Xu Yuyu telecommunications fraud, see the necessity of marking service cal

From the sudden death of Xu Yuyu Telecom fraud case, see the necessity of marking service calls – Sohu technology in the front: not the telecommunications network has gone bad, but the bad guys are beginning to use the telecommunications network. Shandong suffered telecommunications fraud quasi college student Xu Yuyu sudden death event, once again pushed the telecommunications fraud to the world. In recent years, telecommunications fraud cases are rampant, the amount of fraud is growing, more and more victims, although there are many special rectification action, but did not completely cure telecommunications fraud. Previously, the Ministry of public security has been on the original "criminal cases of telecommunications fraud investigation collaboration platform" and "regional occupation crime groups corresponding to the investigation platform" for the combined transformation, referred to as the "telecommunications fraud case investigation platform", can implement rapid alarm of national telecommunications fraud involving payment account, increased the transfer of funds involved in efforts to control the. The high incidence of telecommunications fraud cases "for many reasons, the main reason lies in less investment, high return, run away quickly, the mobile phone real name system and other basic system construction is not completed, the jurisdiction and occurrence of crime occurs to consistency of crime, but also to the criminals left can take advantage of the machine. Therefore, to accelerate the implementation of the mobile phone real name system management requirements at the same time, how to give full play to the strengths and advantages of the parties, to build a comprehensive prevention and control system of telecommunications fraud is also crucial. The Li Junhui (WeChat No.: lijunhui0507) if you encounter telecommunications fraud Xu Yuyu, the phone is equipped with intelligent mobile phone, mobile phone call service mark or APP software, the sudden unexpected result will differ? Xu Yuyu was admitted to Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications telecommunications fraud accident sudden death case, not only caused the Ministry of Public Security issued a class warrant, but also affects the attention of many people. On the one hand, telecommunications fraud cases or events, one after another, repeatedly, on the other hand, not all the victims suffered telecommunications fraud, have the opportunity to recover losses or arrested suspects. Therefore, for the case of telecommunications fraud or event has been heavily criticized, most people can look forward to the relevant departments to improve the case detection rate, increase the criminal punishment, but also look forward to more manufacturers, power or technology into combat and prevent telecommunications fraud in the team, improve the comprehensive prevention mechanism before, during and after the operation, reduce the probability of people in telecommunications fraud cases or events. In fact, in advance to prevent the mechanism level, including 360 mobile guards, Sogou numbers pass, Baidu mobile guards, including many manufacturers have similar to the launch of the caller ID service. For the installation of intelligent mobile phone calls such labeling software or APP, answer the phone, the caller number display part will call "company name" + "customer service" or "consultation" phone number real identity information or prompt "harassment, fraud, selling" content of nature or attribute labeling. In the fraud phone so rampant, the public suffered so deeply in the reality of the state, the social welfare of the phone call mark or phone tagging, public interest is particularly prominent. However, after the introduction of the third party to the company相关的主题文章: