Chevrolet is expected to introduce a new equinox official figure – Sohu automobile jodie foster

Chevrolet is expected to introduce a new Equinox official figure – Sohu auto [Sohu car] recently, Chevrolet officially released the official picture of the new Equinox. In addition, SAIC GM announced that the new car is likely to take the form of domestic, with the introduction of North American sales to china. The appearance of the part: the new Equinox using the latest family front headlamps, LED daytime driving lights increase compared to the previous model, the design is more young. The side view, the new Equinox retains the previous line design, the C column of the triangle chrome trim increases the visual sense of speed, and the tail of the new headlights and other details are more. Interior part: the new Equinox and Mai Rui Bao XL using the same design, and provide 7 inches or 8 inches MyLink system, while supporting apple CarPlay and Android systems. Configuration, the new car also has a pre collision warning system, lane keeping and lane departure warning, engine start button, front seat heating and ventilation, etc.. Power: new car 1.5T or 2.0T engine, transmission part matching is a new 9 speed automatic transmission, while the car is equipped with four-wheel drive system.相关的主题文章: