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Chinese residential buildings — the garden to construct new strategy concept — real estate — (Note: This article belongs to published business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only.) In August 25, 2016, "Forbes" published "China residential buildings — the garden construction of the new concept of" strategy English reported in a compelling story of Sir Yang Guoqiang, Bi Gui struggles Biguiyuan garden suburb market and the whole industry chain development mode, overseas development etc.. Reported that the Chinese garden is one of the largest real estate developers, country garden’s forest city "project development in Malaysia and Singapore near the border between the two countries, attracted many wealthy investors." The reports are as follows: China Guangzhou Phoenix Garden Residential District, from Forbes Palani Mohan Yang Guoqiang quickly went into the office, wearing a dark suit and white shirt collar open, very surprised visitors arm on the shoulder, smiled and said: "welcome to my home!" He actually said many times to the people who visited china. Mr Yang, aged 61, is the founder and chairman of the board of the National Park Group, one of China’s largest real estate developers. Since the establishment of the first apartment 24 years ago, the garden has been developed in the city of the more than and 500 projects in the more than and 300, and built houses for the about 3000000. The park has an unusual strategy to build luxury homes in the periphery of the main city — even if the Hong Kong listed companies is a big success in the volatile property market. Since 2012, revenue nearly doubled garden 3, is expected to reach $18 billion 800 million this year, net income grew by approximately 40% over the same period, is expected to reach $1 billion 500 million. The second record will be pushed to the Forbes garden Asia Pacific listed companies top 50. Mr. Yang did not stop in concrete construction. The garden is embarking on a major business transformation. To seek new growth momentum, and the company will turn to more opportunities but more competitive Chinese real estate market, while expanding the international market. Its most notable project is the forest city, a $38 billion real estate development project on the island of Malaysia, on the island of four people. "The Chinese real estate market will continue to prosper," he said. "However, it is important for us to plan ahead." So Mr. Yang from the foresighted make poor rich. Yang was born in Guangdong, Foshan Province, farmers, and from the age of 10, in the construction site part-time. He likes to tell people that he didn’t cross the shoes before he was 18. These experiences give him a unique insight into the real estate business. "I can still build a house with my own hands," he said. He is more modest than any other company chairman. His personal wealth grew with the progress of china. In 1978, China was undergoing economic reforms, and Mr Yang gave up the agricultural economy in pursuit of a commodity economy. He works as a worker in a local state – owned construction agency and is growing fast. The company has become the basis for the development of biguiyuan. In 1993 the Foshan government decided to privatize it and sell it to Yang相关的主题文章: