Chinese soul wrapped Western faces Hu Sheguang double happiness by the Great Wall – Fashion –

Chinese soul wrapped Western faces   Hu Sheguang "double happiness" by the Great Wall – Fashion – when a transfer of red Ling lie climbed the the Great Wall corner, a fashion and the history of the battle began. The United States Ambassador Mrs. Lily Gatins art deduction, famous photographer Artur Verkhovetskyi personally palm mirror, this group in the reinforced support, under the the Great Wall, dark sky gray and scarlet studio indulged his "double happiness" of the mysterious large, convey subtle charm meaning: symbol of desire, drag hand suffocating binding mask in addition, with exaggerated subversion and full of tension and depression struggle sleeve design desire makeup styling…… Whether it is God to create the visual impact, or create a black and white ash abstinence atmosphere, embodies between designers and photographers, models the soul of understanding.   narrow narrow space is abrupt and black steel stent repressed when reality broke the imagination, when love blinded in a scarlet interwoven in the black and white picture of any emotional tearing, let marriage, love is only overshadowed by the sudden fall of the obsession with the worship of unwilling and helpless encounter, discrete tender, the twists and turns in the gray walls, black tiles, history of thousands of years of the Great Wall silent sob story dressed in a red skirt, a scramble pedal seven inch, shoulder overlap in narrow steps on the hard to find you and I have no doubt, the so-called "love" plain deserted modern steel forest loss dynamic face mask in the wilderness between heaven and earth, in the silent black and white chimney, cement, scaffolding can block wind honed a new Supergrass invincible pride lash uncontrolled development, urge Promote the unconscious awakening in 2016, "double happiness at the" two big show shocking the world. An exclusive show provides a double stage Chinese international fashion week for the first time for exceptional performance artist Hu Sheguang and his "double happiness", and a record of 24 hours, all the brush all over the world headlines proud achievements. This is full of "Chinese style" design, because of the marriage, the interpretation of the love of multi angle and alternative stage interpretation, and more than a layer of inquiry into the secular, subversion of the traditional deep meaning. This is a group of large, is another kind of "double happiness" memorial. After away from the stage, music, lighting, and as one falls, another rises hot, "double happiness" to find a more broad display — Hu Sheguang and his growing empire is quietly changing the pattern of the world of fashion. The future, the head of the various titles, in different areas of international friends will gradually appear here, the United States Ambassador Mrs. Lily Gatins and photographer Artur Verkhovetskyi is "the one", "the second", "third" and more follow-up, will be handed over to Hu Sheguang to give you a surprise brewing! (commissioning editor Li Fang and Jiang Qi)相关的主题文章: