Comprehensive interpretation Yunnan green tea related knowledge – Sohu eat and drink

Comprehensive interpretation: Yunnan green sun Black Tea knowledge and Sohu (Pu’er tea) Abstract: in recent years, Yunnan tea market appeared with a sun drying the Black Tea, called Pu’er red sun". This kind of tea, tea Huang Hongming bright sparkling fragrance, not publicity, there are people who used to drink tea taste of the sun. Drink brew aroma introverted, silky soup, sweet, by many friends love. But "Pu’er sun red" in the end is "Pu’er" or "black tea"? Originated in where? What is the process and characteristics? Prospects for how? What should we do about it? With these questions, Yuefeng comprehensive analysis for everyone, I believe that after reading, you are also an expert in this. The history and origin of Pu’er red Black Tea speaking of Yunnan, many people first think of the famous "Yunnan Yunnan black tea", and that "Yunnan black tea" is in fact the originator of Yunnan Black Tea. The Yunnan black tea was in 1939, when the China is in the period of Anti Japanese War, the southeast provinces tea area close to the theater, the production Black Tea is not easy, for the maintenance of Chinese tea in the international market existing, and to support the war and according to the international standard Black Tea, using high temperature baking, developed varieties. In fact, as early as before a Yunnan black tea, Yunnan traditional Black Tea "– the" red sun "has been widely circulated in Yunnan, just because it was Yunnan in the border area, folk produced tea does not enter the mainstream fayan but less records and related standards. (fresh leaf trees) to the Yuan Dynasty, the Mongols in the south, Central Plains and the wuliangshan. Because of the high altitude, winter snow closing, summer low temperature cold, not suitable for growing crops, behind the supply shortage, take fruit consumption, resulting in long illness, The climate does not suit one., let them physical deterioration. Although the native tea leaves the natives healthy, they also want to drink, but their bitterness makes them hard to import. These people from the Central Plains area, combining some tea technology Central Plains area and indigenous people, with two, a bud leaf clover leaf buds made of tea by airing, rubbing, polishing, cover, Sun Group, etc, can be long-term storage, jar, or autoclaved into different the shape of the transportation to the border of stagnation and even further afield. Although the history of folk only in the local word of mouth, its authenticity has Wucongkaozheng, but perhaps this is the earliest "red sun". "Red sun" origin and maybe when it is difficult to research, but according to the "branch of red sun", "Wo tea" process of Intangible Cultural Heritage — Mr. Li Kun introduction: there had been more than three hundred years Taihe tea history. In the long years, the "red sun" of the Yunnan traditional Black Tea around while the method for making the same name but is all kinds of, such as "sweet", "race red", "soil Black Tea" and so on, until 2014 by the Bureau of cultural brand of tea Pu’er City chief Bao Zhonghua proposed the unified name for the "red sun tea" the local government of Yunnan and the tea industry experts, and has been declared as the intangible cultural heritage and the relevant national quality inspection agencies are actively making tea Pu’er sun red standard". (fresh leaf withering) technology of Pu Erh sun相关的主题文章: