Concerned about the health of their parents! Suitable for the elderly watching TV

Concerned about the health of their parents! Suitable for the elderly to watch TV as a traditional home appliances, the old objects children have been accompanied by our decades of time. In the early years, watching TV is almost the only way of entertainment, a group of people sitting in front of the TV program to watch the scene worth every one of us aftertaste. However, the era of continuous development, access to information is also more and more young people will be more mobile phones, Pad and other portable devices to watch the program, so the time to watch TV is also reduced. But for older parents, even some retired people, life is not to work as full, plus the ability to accept new things slowly, so their entertainment most is reading, read newspapers and watch TV. Some old people like to watch TV, because TV programs are more interesting than books. Television for the generation of people with an unusual memory, in their era is like today’s car, as long as you can not give up to change their own. The TV has accompanied our time for decades now 80 has become the main social groups, have been basically part of the 90 marry and settle down, has embarked on the work of the post, so we should return to their parents. In fact, as children, not necessarily how to give parents to buy expensive luxury TV products to reflect the filial piety. Buy a medium size, functional enough TV can meet the needs of parents. It is more important to spend more time with their parents, and together they see drama that they need more. Parents need to be with us, of course, but it is more important to pay attention to their health than to create better conditions for their parents. The elderly due to the cervical spine, lumbar spine and lumbar muscles have different degrees of degeneration or atrophy, as well as coordination, poor metabolism and other issues, watching TV for a long time will cause serious harm to the body. Therefore, we should always tell parents to pay attention to this problem. This article will give you an overview of the elderly usually pay attention to watch TV, I hope you can see after the parents are able to popularize the right way to watch tv. Since the TV, it will become a very important part of people’s daily leisure life, reduce sharply for social activities of the elderly is even more so. Although watching TV can be more intuitive access to information, but for the elderly to watch TV for a long time not only is not conducive to physical and mental health, but also affect the normal cognitive and social skills. Foreign studies have shown that every hour of watching TV, the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in the future than people who do not love watching TV 1.3 times higher. Long term TV may suffer from Alzheimer’s disease from the physical impact of the first, the lack of activity will lead to the accumulation of fat in the body, may induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, or to increase the original disease. From the mental aspect, the long-term sedentary also can cause the blood circulation to be slow, the heart and lungs function weakens possibly to cause the cerebrum to provide the insufficiency, the increase senile dementia prevalence. At the same time, if you always stare at the TV, the cognitive ability of the brain will be in a passive state, so that the brain becomes more and more lazy. Such a long time, will lead.相关的主题文章: