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Software Operational Consistency iPhone users understand the use of the Home Button, dragging icons, and tapping on the screen which are default actions required from the users by the smart phone, so iPhone app programmers must keep these actions in mind while developing an application to develop an operationally consistent application. To maintain consistency is .paratively simpler for an iPhone application developer in a phone as it conveniently contains that behavior in its framework. Though maintaining consistency is an important aspect which each and every iPhone programmer must maintain it is not re.mended that the iPhone app developers do not extend the interface especially when innovative applications and games are being trialed to be built. Key Aspects to be remembered It is advisable for iPhone app developers to develop applications which are easier to understand but these iPhone app developers must also be aware of their target audience. A general application for a general audience needs to be easily .prehendible where as a special application for expert users needs to be as sophisticated as it is required to be. The following points should be kept in mind by iPhone app programmers to develop an efficient application: The functionality of application built by an iPhone app programmer must be apparently evident and the end users must find it accessible. Cues are provided to users by the standard interface .ponents itself. iPhone app developers should not overestimate the amount of time the users are willing to spend on the application they have built. With the change and advancement of technology the attitude of users also changes. Users nowadays have be.e more impatient towards new applications and to attract their attention more and more innovative techniques are being adopted. Connecting the Application to the World By connecting the application to the Web the iPhone app developer gives a more enhanced user experience as the user can avail real-time information from the internet. This also helps the iPhone app developer to just not rely on the limited storage capacity of the smart phone and have access to innumerous amounts of data in servers or offload the processing. Instead of the iPhone app developers saving all the necessary data in the device, which ultimately reduces the scope of information, they can rely on external servers. Deploying the client-server architecture the iPhone app programmers can provide access to the client system to access a server and most servers accept such requests instantly. Utilizing Media available in the Device iPhone app programmers can develop applications in such a way that the media files present in the phone can also be used. Mainly the camera is a utility available already in the smart phone which can be made use of in the application by taking a photo instantly or by selecting an already existing photo in the Gallery. Many iPhone app developers are integrating audio and video playback in the iPhone application. These applications are designed by the iPhone app developer with specifications which add all the supported content in the phone and synchronize them in a library. About the Author: By: Rosario Berry – The production and consumption of data have grown by several folds over the course of the last decade and with the growth database are now required to be more dynamic and .plex in terms of their functionality. 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