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Constellation true words: cancer bubble to I will spread the child ran (Figure) the first day of cancer just finished confession really, second days began to hang me! There is still a day before the 5-15 call, and now no one! Cancer has not officially said likes, is this all his ambiguous???? Sina users confused the lion constellation love said to Sina cancer bubble to I sayazi we ran is the understanding of the Internet, remote, is estimated to see which a lot of people will feel not reliable and ridiculous, this year I also feel so stupid, love, what is missing, but life is so there is no reason! Before have been friends, always knew what he was interested in me, but the spirit to talk seriously love the idea, I watched him for almost 2, 3 months, really feel more and more love, good temper, cook, enterprising, also very concerned about the people, the recent emotional development is very rapid, no that he has a love of love, will now take each other’s name on the various registration information, was a little annoyed, then said, he said that in the past, I do not want to care too much in the past, who did not have a heart on the man. Some time ago he began to love to call me every day 5-15. We call in interactive friendly and harmonious, almost each other to express each other’s goodwill, one night, WeChat chat until 4 in the morning, said a lot during the cancer usually no words, such as his inner world, I also express my own ideas, I don’t want to love him, find a living object seriously in love, you said a lot like what I accompany him to the age of 80, ahead of time after retirement together with my travel, but did not formally said love from first to last. But he said those words really touched me, even if not together, remember someone once told me that, I still feel very happy. I am so happy with excitement to the Duke of provocation. But from the start of the second day, although the cancer also in contact with me, but before then feel warm, now a day without a phone, WeChat also often for a long time to reply, do not know is not your head before, now sober, well, now I feel very depressed, want to know this how is the meaning sometimes hot and sometimes cold, and dare not to push him too hard…… Probably because I was a lion, so everything is love a good line on the line, no no, as long as you give me a sure, I got really love you, if you think not, I do not want to grow old together, I am afraid that more and more seriously, the glass broken in one place. Vulnerable…… Comrades, please help me analyze and kneel!相关的主题文章: