Delicious protein sugar – Sohu to eat and drink jiuyaogan

Delicious food and drink sugar protein – protein sugar Sohu like soluble beans, but soluble soybean materials more, so do the taste is slightly different, the entrance of the protein sugar, ingredients and practices are very simple, eat snacks to the baby to a few! Ingredients: 15 grams of protein, 22 grams of sugar, a little lemon juice, 1 steps: separating protein and egg yolk. 2, the protein down to no water and oil pot, drop a little lemon juice with an electric mixer to fish bubble. Adding sugar 3, first, to continue to send high-speed coarse bubble. 4, second times adding sugar, beat until protein volume white, can see the lines. 5, third times adding sugar, beat until stiff state. 6, fast into decorating bag. 7, baking trays with tarpaulin or paper, out of your love pattern. 8, the steam oven selection of pure baking function, temperature 80 degrees, time for 60 minutes, baked to the protein sugar is hard to touch. Baked hand protein sugar has been hard that is baked, if soft need overtime (steam oven temperature is high, you can go to the 90-100, according to their own oven adjustment words protein sugar surface temperature is too high will yellow). Tips: 1, an egg protein can do about 2 large protein sugar, you can bake in the middle and lower layers of the oven, a delay of 10 minutes. 2, the use of frozen egg, add lemon juice can make the protein better send, must be sent to the stiff state to make pattern collapse. 3, do a good job of protein sugar must be immediately sealed preservation, otherwise it will become sticky sticky tide. Into the refrigerator, you can save about 7 days.相关的主题文章: