Do you want to take a clear picture of the basics of photography entry focus remonstrate

Want to know the basic knowledge of commercial shoot photography focus to the goods clearly filmed on the need to focus on. The camera has auto focus AF mode and manual focus on the MF mode. What is the focus? When shooting the goods, to focus on places will be very clear, and there is no focus place becomes fuzzy. In addition, the focus will be clear around, the more distant the more blurred. In commodity photography, it is the basic requirement to focus on the location of the parts that can highlight the characteristics of the goods or the trademark. Depending on the location of the focus, the product will not feel the same. So before filming, it’s important to decide which direction to shoot. In addition, when shooting a number of goods or auxiliary props photos, it is necessary to know which is the protagonist, supporting role to show to what extent. And then change the position of the focus. In addition, the range of focus will vary according to the aperture settings. The front and rear focus in front of the hourglass on the left behind book focus style notebook in the photo, the focus on the front of the upper, and the right in the photo is the focus in the back of the notebook. Depending on the location of the focus, the emphasis will be different, the overall feeling is not the same photo. In the central part of the overall focus of birds display lamp, furnishings and books are clearly photographed in the photo on the left to focus on bird ornaments, photo on the right through the aperture adjustment focus on content. Change the scope of the clear will make the overall atmosphere of the photo is not the same. AF and MF focus method can be roughly divided into two kinds: respectively, the camera auto focus AF (AF), as well as the camera manual focus MF (manual focus) mode. With AF, looking at the viewfinder or LCD monitor, press the shutter button halfway, the camera will auto focus. But with MF, need while looking at the viewfinder or LCD monitors, while rotating the focus ring on the lens to focus. Setting method (with Canon EOS 70D digital SLR camera as an example) and AF mode 1 lens focus mode switch to AF. 2 press the AF button, while looking at the LCD monitor while rotating the main dial to select AF mode. 3 select AF mode in ONE SHOT. 4 press the quick setting button and select the metering mode in the multi-function controller. 5 press the metering mode of the switch button, the focus range is set to single point AF (optional). 6 set the focus position in the multi-function controller. MF mode 1 lens focus mode switch to MF. 2 while looking at the viewfinder or LCD monitor, while rotating the lens to focus on the focus ring. Main point: what is the AF (AF) mode? AF mode according to the characteristics of the object has many kinds. Take Canon EOS70D as an example, it has ONE SHOT (single flash AF),.相关的主题文章: