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Domestic travel is expected to receive 589 million tourists per capita   travel spending will exceed 800 yuan – Guangdong Channel – original title: domestic travel is expected to receive 589 million tourists per capita travel spending will exceed 800 yuan "eleven" golden week, travel has become the main way of recreation, hot holiday economy. According to the prediction data released by the China Tourism Research Institute, this year’s National Day Golden Week tourism consumption confidence is stable, the supply and demand of the tourism market is booming. Domestic tourism market is expected to receive 589 million passengers, an increase of 12%, tourism revenue of 478 billion 180 million yuan, an increase of 13.5%. According to this data, the national day tourism cost per capita will exceed 800 yuan. 589 million people and 478 billion 180 million yuan of "huge cake", including Ctrip, the way cattle, Ali travel and many other domestic online travel websites, the National Day holiday is an important force point. Ali travel and holiday division deputy general manager Wang Zhiquan said, for the "eleven" golden week launched tourism products, as early as this year in July has been on-line and made relevant promotion. And now, people travel way from sightseeing to see the "walk" and shopping based "buy buy buy", to develop leisure to experience local life "slow"". Free travel, deep travel, peripheral tourism become popular tourist mode. "Semi personalized customization" service is one of the key points. Many domestic online travel website relevant person in charge said, the choice of high-end deep travel, theme travel products consumption proportion is more and more big. In addition, the "eleven" during the golden week, many airline ticket prices also ushered in the price peak in a year after the Spring Festival, especially the end time of golden week, the direction of hot ticket a ticket is hard to avoid it, "will become a lot of electronic business platform of promotional heavy head drama. It is not difficult to see that this year a number of online travel website hit "semi personalized" custom, "peak travel" and other promotional cards, to get the bonus of holiday economy. However, some experts pointed out that the current domestic tourism products including personalized travel also has just started, a huge growth space. (commissioning editor Li Shiyan and Zhang Haiyan) 国内游预计接待5.89亿人次 人均游花费将超800元–广东频道–人民网 原标题:国内游预计接待5.89亿人次 人均游花费将超800元   “十一”黄金周里,出门旅行已成为人们休闲娱乐的主要方式,假日经济火热。   据中国旅游研究院发布的预测数据显示,今年国庆黄金周旅游消费信心稳定,旅游市场供需两旺。国内旅游市场预计接待5.89亿人次,同比增长12%;旅游收入4781.8亿元,增长13.5%。按照这一数据,国庆人均旅游花费将超过800元。   5.89亿人次与4781.8亿元的“巨大蛋糕”,对于包括携程、途牛、阿里旅行等国内众多在线旅行网站来说,国庆长假是个重要的发力点。   阿里旅行度假事业部副总经理王治权表示,针对“十一”黄金周推出的旅游产品,早在今年7月份就已上线并做了相关推广。   而当下,人们的旅行方式已经从观光看景为主的“走走走”和购物为主的“买买买”,发展到以休闲度假体验本地生活为主的“慢慢慢”。自由行、深度游、周边游成为游客青睐的旅游方式。   “半个性化定制”服务便是重点之一。国内多位在线旅行网站的相关负责人表示,选择高端深度游、主题游产品的消费比例越来越大。   此外,“十一”黄金周期间,不少航空公司的机票价格也迎来一年中仅次于春运的价格峰值,尤其是黄金周的头尾时间段,热门方向机票一票难求,“错峰出行”便成为不少电商平台促销的重头戏。   不难看出,今年多家在线旅行网站打出“半个性化”定制、“错峰出行”等促销牌,来获取假日经济的红利。但有专家指出,目前国内旅游产品包括个性化定制游才刚起步,还具备很大的成长空间。 (责编:李士燕、张海燕)相关的主题文章: