Dong Mingzhu shareholders will storm unfulfilled Shenzhen inquiries through the acquisition of GREE

Dong Mingzhu shareholders will storm unfulfilled Shenzhen inquiries through the acquisition of GREE electric hot column capital flows thousands thousand shares rating stocks the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading client adviser national contest: Irving King peep catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line bloggers to guide the public finance source: WeChat GREE electric appliances (Lotus No. 000651) long-awaited "an arrow" cross-border takeover would be small and medium shareholders to attack. The company was forced to stop in 31 days before the opening, the afternoon received a letter concerns the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, direct follow-up arrangements of the transaction and the acquisition of the whole scheme is found to be legal problems through the. 30 evening, GREE announced the results of the voting shareholders meeting on the Zhuhai silver long acquisition, issue shares to buy assets related to the motion poise, but to raise matching funds bill failed to get through. For a time the market hot, GREE restructuring program is adopted or not? Acquisition of Zhuhai silver dragon can continue to advance? Shenzhen asked GREE restructuring 31 morning, apply for a temporary suspension of GREE electric appliances. After closing, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of inquiry, questioning GREE restructuring related matters. The Shenzhen stock exchange requires GREE clearly stated that the issue of shares to buy assets related to the motion of the whole is identified as such, please pass, further compliance with relevant provisions of the "restructuring management approach"; the follow-up arrangements of transactions, whether to continue to promote this exchange program, intends to make the adjustment plan is, and make it clear the follow-up would be in accordance with the rules of the "restructuring management approach" and other requirements. The Shenzhen stock exchange requires GREE to make a written reply before November 4th. Shenzhen is concerned about the focus of the most controversial: supporting financing was not, whether the impact of asset acquisition? One is that the restructuring plan has been clearly explained: "the raise matching funds issue shares to buy assets as a prerequisite, but the raise matching funds does not affect the success of the issuance of shares to buy assets, therefore, the implementation of" supporting financing is whether or not the GREE electric appliances of Zhuhai silver long acquisition. Another way of saying that the relevant motion of GREE electric appliances, the reorganization of the cross each other, the acquisition of assets and raise matching funds as a whole scheme, any one is not will have a substantial impact on the whole, it was not to raise matching funds will directly affect the acquisition of assets. Review of GREE electric restructuring plan, the company intends to 13 billion yuan acquisition of Zhuhai on the price of silver long 100%, at the same time to the GREE group, GREE electric ESOP 8 specific investors to raise matching funds 9 billion 700 million yuan, to be used exclusively for the construction investment project of Zhuhai long silver, including lithium battery production line project, pure electric special vehicle modification production base construction projects. GREE electric appliances, the purpose is to break the boundary of new energy vehicles, through the acquisition of Zhuhai silver long layout of lithium ion battery, new energy vehicles and energy storage areas. In August this year, this cross-border restructuring plan was issued will cause all kinds of disputes, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange also GREE and Zhuhai long silver trading price evaluation standard, on Zhuhai相关的主题文章: