Donkey mother company continued loss of price war strategy no way out

Donkey mother parent continued loss of price war strategy in no way donkey mother parent continued loss of price war strategy in no way public opinion review "free tour of the world, to find a donkey mother", but the donkey mother seems not so free". Recently, donkey mother travel network parent company Shanghai jinu culture communication Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the Jingyu Culture) announced its first half earnings, the company achieved revenue growth of 163.02% at the same time, also appeared a loss of 256 million yuan. Jingyu culture earnings data show that the first half of 2016 the company’s net operating income was 2 billion 696 million yuan, an increase of 163%, but net loss is as high as 250 million yuan, compared with a loss of 133 million yuan in the same period last year increased by 92.59%. In the main business income in the field of culture, the main tourist services revenue. In the first half of this year, tourism services revenue 2 billion 633 million yuan, while consulting planning income of $62 million. King view of the field of culture, the company in the IP development strategy planning and reporting period to achieve greater revenue increase is inseparable. Half a year, the company’s products, services, channel three IP brand opt force, pay attention to improve the quality of products: establishment, China tourism electronic ticket research center in the 12 city in the same period published "quality tour products, Jingyu culture’s" singing Trilogy "series of opening the hotel brand, not only to promote the fusion of culture and tourism industry, also achieved rapid growth in revenue. As for why there will be such a big loss, Jingyu culture gives the answer: the company’s operating income rapid growth in earnings risk and value in the column, but by the online travel industry overall competition situation and the company’s own development influence strategy, the company’s sales costs and management costs are increasing year by year. Although profitability has improved, but with the expansion of business scale, the cost of sales and administrative expenses will also increase with the increase in revenues in the short term, the company will face the risk is difficult to achieve profitability, sustainable financing needs and in a certain period of time will have higher. In the face of these risks, Jingyu Culture said the company made the following efforts to promote the tourism industry integration, to further strengthen foreign investment and cooperation, to promote the establishment of tourism industry fund, and to implement a high-quality destination, scenic spots and features the hotel resource acquisition. At the same time, the company actively cooperate with the major provinces and cities nationwide state-owned tourism group, with its strong advantages in territorial resources and capital, and actively expand the integration of tourism resources and tourism destination. Public concern about the trend analysis of August 8th, "traveldaily" will be the first donkey mother parent jinu culture in the first half of the performance loss. This paper comprehensively reveal to the public, showing the contents of earnings Jingyu culture, but did not cause too much attention to the news media. However, the day concerned about the topic of micro-blog’s attention peaked for the first time. Law weekend Valley public opinion monitoring center WeChat big data platform, the new micro state data show that the day on the topic of micro-blog post volume theory相关的主题文章: