Double eleven Gigi would love to wear the bean component mopping coat is in aizi

Double eleven Gigi would love to wear the bean component "mopping" coat to in lead: again after a few days, to double eleven, for in the day to start fast, accurate, pro had one single product added to the shopping cart, waiting to open to grab the first press a button to buy. But as the saying goes, cheap and poor, one hand refuses to hear on whether we lost a lot of nothing. And now comes the severe winter, pro Tun a coat ready to double eleven day hand chop is the right way. (Editor: @philtre) when it comes to coats, this year’s popularity is long, and the longer the fashion, the best way to get to the floor. With sweeping function put how long to in? First look at this piece of Zaid Affas white winter coat, and even the Gigi 178 of the high wear are dragged to the ground, can only say that this coat is long enough. But at the same time a little distressed this coat, out of the circle to go back is black. Gigi Zaid Affas wear white coat black on black clothes, anyway, I turned more optimistic about the sisters "Snow Queen", Ken bean will fall behind, a dark grey coat or a high-heeled shoe tree, also estimated while walking the floor. Golden girl wearing long coats look again some street sister Kim street, is not difficult to find that she is really love to wear long jacket, with congenital advantage of height, and then put on this coat after the walk with the wind, full gas field. Golden sister’s coat street, but if we do not have a model of high altitude can wear a long coat? Yang Mi recently measured height and height of 172, also demonstrated a long coat of the upper body effect of Tang Yan. Yang Mi is wearing long coats airport street Yang Mi wear Saint Laurent coat coat Tang Yan Street debut activities on the 170 to 160 can wear flat shoes, with high heels can make it, in short, no matter what is your height section, you can wear a long coat. "Since long coats in comparison all-match, here we talk about the specific how to wear, of course, showing the effect is not the same. Long coat + boots in the winter, the most common long coat is collocation and boots, in boots not only can pull into the leg line also comes with neutral temperament, walk with the wind field, immediately soared to 2 meters with 8 coats to wear boots in the demonstration model long coat wear fashion Master Street coat in the street wearing boots boots gown with boots gown with street beat beat up coat boots to wear long coats + sneakers in collocation boots, there are a lot of people choose collocation of sports shoes flat, although not what looks at an altitude advantage, but at the height of about 165 the girl still can try to wear such a law, it would be another style. Coat collocation fashion sports shoes Master street demonstration this long coat wear gown with sports shoes to wear long coats and long coats high-heeled shoes and high-heeled shoes to wear the collocation in the home is not very common, after all four seasons, need to wear big.相关的主题文章: