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Medicine What is the conformational truth that one is pregnant? The answer is pretty simple. The pregnancy gives a clear cut proof that one is pregnant or not. There are chances that one may have the slightest suspicion or even expectations that they are going to be pregnant. Such clues are determined at the very early stage, which is during the first few weeks after the conception. Early conditions which are encountered to check the early signs of the pregnancy is determined by the two main ways. 1) The breast or the nipples be.e swollen and tender The first and foremost sign of pregnancy is the immediate change in the feeling of the breast itself. The breasts be.e sore, tender or even tingly. The breasts also be.e heavy and seem to have a fuller feel. In the early weeks say about two weeks from conception, the breasts begin to develop and adjust to start to prepare milk. The very main reason of these causes is an increase in the manufacture of the important hormones. These hormones are the progesterone and the estrogen. If one is pregnant for the very first time, the slightest of the changes in the breasts are the most impressive signs. 2) Tiredness or Fatigue In the early stages of the pregnancy there is an immense feeling of tiredness or even fatigue. This can be considered as a way by the nature itself to persuade the pregnant ones to take more sleep, on the onset of the sleepless nights for the future until the child is fully developed. There also exists a physical criterion for the fatigue to occur. In the very first weeks of the pregnancy, the body starts to work hard. This work is observed by the abnormal secretion of the hormones, increase in the blood manufacture to deliver the various nutrients required by the baby. In order to .pensate with the increase in the mount of blood flow as well, the heart starts to pump a bit much faster and also harder. Besides this, progesterone, which is a hormone, is considered to be a natural depressant of the central nervous system. Hence the higher level of progesterone in a body leads to sleep. Also, pregnancy brings a very wide range of concerns and feelings which lead to the energy sap and disturbance in sleep. In this discussion made so far the early two main facts that are to the early signs of pregnancy are discussed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: