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Eat 7 gold fruit after the beginning of autumn, the children get sick less – Sohu maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) after free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting hand autumn, accompanied by the body dry, many people will feel dry throat and nasal discomfort, so these 7 kinds of sweet fruit. After the beginning of autumn can eat ~ children fall sick less. Pear pear has Qingrejiedu, dryness, Qingxin fire effect. Have a fairly good moisturizing effect on lung, bronchial and upper respiratory tract, can help digestion, promote appetite, and have good antipyretic and diuretic effects. How to eat? Don’t throw pear seeds! Pear seeds contain boron, boron sufficient, memory, attention, mental acuity will increase. Pears can be eaten raw, juice, stew or boil cream, cough, cough and bronchitis, lung heat cough, bronchitis, etc.. And if water chestnuts, honey, sugar cane juice with the service, better effect. Grape grapes are full of treasure, especially grape seeds are rich in anthocyanins, its antioxidant effect is more than 18 times higher than vitamin C. How to eat? It is best to be fully cleaned before eating, even with the belt seeds to eat. Grape raw food can Ziyin Chufan, Daozhi add cooked honey fried thick paste, boiling water, treatment Fanre thirst preferred. Regular consumption of neurasthenia and fatigue have benefit. After the grape stem, iron and sugar content is relatively increased, children, women and anemia of the weak tonic jiapin. Banana Europeans because it relieves sorrow and call it "happy fruit", because the banana contains pantothenic acid and other ingredients of the human body is "happy hormone", can alleviate the pressure, relieve. In addition, bananas contain known as the wisdom of the salt of phosphorus, therefore, autumn eating bananas can alleviate the mood of autumn. How to eat? Heated to eat, taste better. You can put the banana diced steamed, or other fruit and drink the soup. Folkremedy bananas stewed with rock sugar, cure cough. Lemon lemon has a "citric acid warehouse" reputation, in addition to containing a large amount of citric acid, as well as nicotinic acid and organic acids, has a good bactericidal effect. In addition, it is excellent skin effect, it is rich in vitamin C, can whitening skin. How to eat? Lemon taste very sour, not suitable for direct consumption, available the vegetables, juice or water to drink, eat lemon can inhibit pigmentation, and promote The new supersedes the old. whitening, make the skin tight and shiny. Apple sweet cool, with added temper, nourishing the stomach yin, quench, Runfei Yuet heart effect, known as the cardiovascular health protection of god. Eating more can improve the respiratory system and lung function. Working tension I smell the apple fragrance, but also refreshing, ease the tension! How to eat? You can put the apple eat steamed, boiled after pectin which can not only absorb bacteria and toxins, but also the convergence, antidiarrheal effect, and more digestible. Apple can be cut into small pieces with skin相关的主题文章: