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A single edge network to help address the tide, new era of marriage witness 90 – Sohu technology Texun November 15th news: with a new round of "double 11" hurricane, "single" and "single" and other words and pushed the social hot spots. More recently, experts said that China’s fourth single tide struck, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs statistics, the country’s population living alone rose from 1990 to 6% in 2013 of 14.6%, single living groups increasingly large. The fourth single tide struck, after 90 into the main force of single people as early as May of this year, the fate of the network has released the concept of marriage after 90 white paper. The report mentioned: "at present, China’s 18 years old unmarried population has been close to 250 million, and in this one, 90 just as fresh blood into the ranks of the front, has begun to gradually move towards the society stage." Nowadays, it is difficult for young people to fall in love and get married. Talking about 90 marriage problem, people often attributed this to the social and economic situation, think now young people buy too difficult, especially in the first-tier cities young people working hard in the face of astronomical housing prices, housing is a distant dream. In the traditional family values, the final destination of love is marriage, marriage is the first step in getting marry and settle down. In recent years, the rise of the "blind angle", but also filled with the "room", "car" requirements. However, some studies have shown that with the gradual realization of economic independence after 90, the number of active singles increased significantly, and women accounted for a large proportion. These most people choose to be single income, the analysis found that, without considering the purchase of luxury single consumers accounted for 28.6%; 16% people go to a bar, at least a week KTV and nightlife; the maximum cost of 31.6% people a month for self entertainment or other social gatherings for future consumption, savings insurance only 5.4%. Therefore the economy does not seem to hinder 90 love main reason of marriage, that is what led to 90 people choose to be single? 90 love portrait: mobile dating platform to date, the pursuit of love destined network as nowadays more understand 90, a deep insight into the interpretation of positive young 90 people marriage concept find the root cause of the increase in the number of single 90, and puts forward the solving scheme based on the point of marriage 90 pain. Through the study found that the edge of the network, 90 people are very close to blind date, but it is interesting that they do not reject the dating site. There are more than 78.3% of the 90 said they can accept to know the opposite through dating platform, but they need to get to know the opposite is the marriage platform and opportunities for in-depth communication, not to get married and materialized, 22. Thus, compared with the standard of 70 after 90, 80 have been significantly different. The study found that the fate of the network, after 90 wide experience, independent thinking, based on their parents to create a superior growth environment, the degree of dependence on money is small. Therefore, compared with the material, after 90 pay more attention to spiritual understanding and相关的主题文章: