Escape from the cold to return to Southeast Asia chompoo araya

To escape the cold to return to Southeast Asia sunshine (original title: escape from the cold to return to Southeast Asia sunshine) Introduction: Recently, the North temperatures plunged, many people have come up with a down jacket to arm themselves against the cold, this time we yearn for the life is to return to the bosom of the sun. Fortunately, there are still more than 20 resort southeast comfort temperature. Stay in the hotel for two or three days, relax and enjoy the sun and the sea, probably the most pleasant thing in winter. Such as Thailand, Phuket Island, Bali Island and other places have been opened to sign the floor, as long as the ticket and hotel booking, re put on the life of the shorts can be said to have. The hotel is in the southeast where to beyond count, to bring you the real enjoyment? (source: GQ man network Author: Kiros) (HUVAFEN FUSHI) Huvafen Fushi have been scattered in India ocean pearl "reputation of Maldives, consisting of nearly 1200 small coral islands, is the smallest land territory in asia. Because of its unique India ocean island scenery, leisurely rustic destination culture atmosphere, easy to holiday environment, and Chinese, city non-stop convenience, Maldives has become a Chinese outbound destination choice. And came to Maldives, you must not experience is the PER AQUUM brand Huvafen Fushi. Fu Fen in the traditional flower schooner prototype unique spacious holiday house has been talked about, you can see the house through the water transparent floor water world wide indoor living space, can enjoy the sunlight in double balcony expanse of sea. It is worth mentioning that, Fu The Underwater LIME SPA flower fragrance is the world’s first underwater spa, here, you must not miss this ultimate relaxed and enjoyable experience. In addition, you can also boarded the DHONI luxury cruise ship, in the service to enjoy the wonderful wonderful sunset at sea. Price: 11200 yuan villa late Tel: +960 6644111 official website: Pudj La Yann Natarajan (Anantara Layan Phuket Resort resort) Phuket Island in Southeast Asia is one of the most representative tourist resort, is famous for its fine white sand, lime rock, of odd shape across the jungle hills and clear water blue. In recent years, Phuket Island gradually to the direction of the development of advanced resort, more private beaches are occupied by various resorts, providing better service and more personalized space. Pudj La Yann Natarajan resort hotel is surrounded by the Phuket Island national Forest Park, sunset Bay line lajang Bay sitting from Phuket Island International Airport only 20 minutes by car. Here a beautiful private beach facing Rajan, is a few steps away from soft sand and blue waters of the Andaman sea. In the design, the hotel uses a classic modern Asian style, more in line with the brilliant colors of Southeast asia. In the Phuket Island Rajan Anantara K相关的主题文章: