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Europa Intelligence: Vienna in 10 games, only 2 games zero closure opponents on Thursday 005       Europa       Rosenberg VS Austria Vienna       2016-08-26 01:00             location: Levin Kendall Stadium: 11 degrees sunny weather is expected Rosenberg Ne: Rosenberg is the super class status of PA, but before the start of the season the team lost, and Longde two Sellner Zedd in front of the most important players in the country although thriving, their 5 wins 1 of the negative record in the top 15 rankings, but in Europe, the strength of the team has yet to be improve the Champions League qualifier was Apoel team eliminated in the Europa League competition to downgrade. It is worth mentioning that the team has won nearly 10 home games, including two Champions League qualifying. Austria Vienna: Austria Vienna team is the team status before China international Sun Xiang played for the team, the team last season ranked third in the Austrian, Austrian new season their 3 wins 2 negative product 6 points ranked fifth. The Europa League team has eliminated the average strength of the Cousteau and Sparta Trnava, winning is not easy. The coach is former Bayern legend Fink, Nigeria striker Kayode in the team due to the recent slump, the team also fell into a brief trough. But the team’s biggest problem is poor defense, nearly 10 games, only two games to zero opponents. Clash history: the two sides in the first round, Vienna 2:1 win. Game Analysis: the game of Macao to the Lord let half a low water handicap, part of the company has risen to a ball, it seems very confident for the home team, SMG draw SP values up to 4, the compensate in win lose by injection significantly down, the main victory is worth a try. SMG recommended: Sheng Shengping Fu SMG recommended: 1-0 2-0 2-1 score (old K)相关的主题文章: