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Everyone has a list of the best game, but no matter how, that is a history of electronic games – Sohu technology because of the existence of this art of time only 50 years, but it developed very rapidly, almost redefined entertainment. At the end, in the article we mentioned, Nintendo and its red and white machine became the beginning of modern electronic game industry. From this time on, video games no longer move as slowly as they did in the first twenty years of development. The separation of hardware and software of specialized division of labor, the rapid development of computer technology, gradually mature business cooperation system, so that in the next era, it is very difficult for us to use one or two games to represent an era of history. Use of formulaic words, the next time is All flowers bloom together. In the last fifteen years of the last century: the family game market dominated by japan. Take a theme for the history of the greatest game list, without looking at it can be roughly determined: the top ten in the Japanese game definitely accounted for more than half, which according to the company, the largest position is certainly Nintendo. Due to the collapse of the game console market in North America, from 1985 to 2000, the Japanese game for a long time to occupy the people’s vision. Nintendo, Shi Jia, Enix, Konami, Capcom, Namco, Square, Koei — at the time, you can find a group of the world’s most famous game developers in japan. Nintendo game consoles as a platform, they developed a number of classic games. Of course, this monopoly will not be long — SEGA and SONY has become Nintendo’s competitors. Sega launched game console, as early as before the NES unissued and SONY, also in 1994 launched the first game of their PlayStation. Competition brings prosperity. In 90s, the Japanese game occupies about 70% of the global game market share, in such a long period of time, as long as it is to buy game machine, game machine game player, will inevitably become the Japanese game consumers. It is a classic game of the outbreak of the era, all kinds of works in the history of the game has a space for one person also comes from the small island state: action adventure game, Nintendo’s "Zelda" came out in 1986. This collection of puzzles, role-playing, action and many other elements of the game has become one of the three signs in the days after Nintendo. This game is known as the action role-playing game of the important works, although there is no numerical upgrade system, but players can through their own technology, the replacement of the role of the game equipment to solve a variety of problems. Fighting game, Karp free arcade game released in 1991 "Street Fighter 2" redefined the fighting game. It’s not the first fighting game, nor is it the first single to single combat game, but all the paradigms in the fighting game are made out of it相关的主题文章: