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Eyes on the smoke? Light makeup can also change the eyes if your eye is not suitable for thick makeup, it is necessary to find the right way to highlight your eyes. Believe me, even with only a few colors, you can make your eyes very eye-catching. But in the painting eyes before, we must first analyze your eye shape: round eyes. Round eyes can draw complete makeup, eyeliner can from the inside corner of the eye has been drawn to the outside corner of the eye. Almond eye. The most perfect eye shape. All you need to do is follow the natural lines of your eyes. Crescent eyes. This type of eye needs a little lift, which can be achieved through the eyeliner. The cat’s style, the outer corner of the position to draw a radian. The upper liner is more suitable. His eyes. Not suitable for a large number of eye shadow. High light pen is recommended here. In the corner of the eye using white or bright colors to highlight the eyes. With a number of deep eyelid drooping color brush, then brush on the eyelid folds in the dark eye shadow, creating the illusion of round eyes. Eye liner in the outer corner of the eye to extend outward, gently pick. After exposing the Han shape to create the whole process is the key to the color of eye makeup adequate theoretical knowledge, you can also try this makeup look oh, in small series, suitable for any type of eye. Take a look at: in order to highlight the eyelids, from the upper eyelid to the brow part with a white eye shadow to fill. Fold the pink eye shadow in the folds of the eyelids and slowly transition to brown. Draw a dark brown eyeliner with a brush to smooth the eyeliner and eye shadow. Use the same brown painting eyeliner, as long as half of the painting is enough oh. Then the upper and lower eye shadow together, according to the curvature of the lower eyelid, in the corner of the eye to form a slight rise in the triangle. On the inside corner of the eye to brush the high light. With a deeper brown on the upper eye to deepen. Last Tu mascara! Finish! Enjoy nature’s perfect eyes!相关的主题文章: