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The terrorist attack frequent worrying security of Europe to buy guns for self-defense ratio surge Beijing Beijing in August 27, according to Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" reported on 27, the European city of Paris, Brussels, and Munich have nice terrorist attacks, many Europeans are worried about their own safety, have to buy guns or pepper spray. Self-defense. In Switzerland, Austria and Czech, gun pass application is on the rise in Germany, although this trend does not appear, but apply for lawful possession of imitation guns and other deterrent equipped with people, an increase of nearly 50%. Swiss arms dealers association chairman Weiss said: "no one open" because I’m nice or the terrorist attacks in Munich and decided to buy a gun ‘, but these events together, people generally feel security threats." The retailer said some weapons, in addition to the terrorist attacks, the influx of refugees in Europe, caused by security problems, is also a reason to get people to buy a gun for self-defense. A Swiss for the first time to buy a gun. A 55 year old man said, because he is a frequent case of terrorist attacks and from the Maghreb refugee theft and robbery, so buy a gun for self-defense. According to reports, the European firearms control regulations, gun possession rate is relatively low. And every 100 people in the United States for more than one hundred guns than the Swiss gun the proportion of the population is only half of the United States, Austria, Germany and France, only 1/3 of the United states. European governments have never encouraged people to buy weapons. But last month, after the German Munich a mentally ill 18 year old killed nine people in the shopping center, Czech’s president Zeman said: "people should be epoch-making self armed…… To be able to deal with terrorists." The people of Czech have indeed done so, the local legitimate gun ownership has been reduced year by year, but the first five months of this year, a surge of nearly 6000 people, up to 300 thousand people. St. Gallen state police spokesman Cruzi said the gun increased attacks and a spate of terrorist Europe has some relevance, but he warned the guns to enhance the little personal safety, it will cause many problems, such as how to properly collect guns and proper use of firearms. He warned that the use of guns may be subject to criminal responsibility. The Reuters asked about 26 states in Switzerland, with a total of more than a year in response to the fact that more than 12 people responded by saying the number of people applying for a gun licence last year. In Switzerland, buy a gun for the general most will be approved, only have committed serious crimes or insane not gun. Switzerland has no army, but it is all, all the people are members of the militia "people’s army", every Swiss can be used as a reason for automatic rifles and bullets at home, but can not carry loaded guns out. However, with the deepening of the threat of terrorist threats, hoping to lift the ban came out with guns began to appear. Ador, a member of Congress who supported gun, said: "the government does not have enough facilities to protect public safety. Sometimes it is necessary to equip properly trained citizens to protect themselves and their families."相关的主题文章: