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Female lottery colorful music award 187 vanto father was due to a first prize lottery in August 24th seven too shy 2016099th period in Hainan Province, bonus 1 million 860 thousand yuan (including 1 million yuan to send prizes), on the afternoon of 29 winners to the Provincial Welfare Lottery Center against the collar of the bonus, and for the construction of social welfare donation of 10000 yuan. It is reported that the current Hainan Province, the seven note lottery jackpot in Haidian island Haikou people’s Road No. 46015197 in the lottery betting station, winning the lottery is a 10 number of optional double ticket bets 240 yuan. The ticket in addition to the seven note first prize, prize and third-prize, 21 note 63 note five prize and 35 note, a total of 1897265 yuan bonus. It is understood that due to the seven note lottery jackpot with three Pozhen note 9 million 430 thousand yuan prize in Shuangseqiu time just hit together, so the light moment is flooded, the higher the double chromosphere first prize bonus that appeared to go against the seven note lottery jackpot Chen is a more than and 50 year old man the. According to its sources, in fact he is entrusted in awarding the prize is someone else, is his daughter. According to reports, the whole family is love lottery winner, the lottery has become a fun of their life, every day of the lottery lottery has become the topic of the whole family. My daughter is interested in digital experience of lottery games, pick more, so the family often give some to her daughter by her with the number for betting. In fact, they rarely buy seven music, but this time, I heard that there are seven music lottery award activities so they aimed at the school award to increase the bet. Mr. Chen said he did not know how to choose the daughter of this group of 10 yards of the winning numbers, but she often used computers in there. After winning the daughter is very vague with him is a joy, the lottery did not give him, so they will not ask more, until today only daughter to the lottery lottery Mr. Chen wants him to come. As for the daughter why not come to awarding Mr. Chen’s explanation is the daughter of a woman feel shy, awkward appearance came to awarding! After the end of Mr. Chen said they were against the award to focus on another lottery lottery games – Shuangseqiu, hope the first prize of thousands of Yuan play also bring good luck and surprise for him!相关的主题文章: