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[map] 2017 vision will be listed in November – the Sohu Sohu [] on the car of new car, Geely officially announced its 2017 prospects will be listed in mid November, the new car was optimized in the exterior and interior details, still launched a total of two kinds of dynamic choice of 5 models, the price is expected to be consistent with the current model. [figure 2016 models] appearance, 2017 vision with a new design of the back type family type grille, front bumper slightly lower optimization, headlight group using chrome grille ornament, enhance the exquisite sense. The basic design of a new car and the tail and the current model the same, only in the rear bumper added below " " fret; details. [figure 2016 models] interior, 2017 perspectives and 2016 models are basically the same, with black and brown color two kinds of color scheme, the shift lever on the top ten anniversary of " " exclusive identification. Configuration, the new increase in cruise control, snow mode and GPS host integration tachograph function, T-BOX intelligent remote car steward configuration, the T-BOX intelligent remote car steward can perform remote inquiry and remote control of vehicle condition remote start state, related equipment, remote anti-theft alarm, check the vehicle location and other operations. [figure 2016 models] power, 2017 vision provides 1.5L naturally aspirated and turbocharged 1.3T engine, which 1.3T engine maximum power of 133 horsepower (98kW), peak torque of 185Nm. Transmission system, and the 1.5L model is matched with five speed manual or four speed automatic transmission, and the 1.3T engine is matched with a manual transmission speed of 6. (Editor: Li Wei)相关的主题文章: