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For postmenopausal patients with Samsung Henzhao 30 days this month, let all the defects of Note 7 brick Tencent technology news according to foreign media reports, originally in the high-end machine market and iPhone 7 together Note 7 is now a big burden of samsung. Battery explosion forced the recall of 2 million 500 thousand devices, the loss of more than $1 billion. At present, the recall plan was still relatively smooth, but also to avoid "in order to ensure that this part of a fish escaped through the Seine, there are security risks of the machine is no longer" rebellion ", Samsung has a new solution. According to French media Redditor LimboJr reported that Samsung is ready to take coercive measures on the problem machine to prevent them from turning into a bomb again". It is reported that Samsung has the problem of Note 7 set an ultimatum, regardless of whether the consumer participation in the recall, they will be in September 30th for their remote cancellation. This means that if you do not bother to replace the hands of the Note 7, next month it will become a "brick". However, this policy is now exclusively in the French market, the future of Samsung will be extended to the world is not necessarily. In fact, the recall plan is also very annoying, because after 19, the new machine will be shipped, and before you either use the old machine on your hand, or you have to use the low-end machine provided by samsung. (compile the Samsung NOTE 7 Ping Ping) burned car garage, Americans also panic! Recommendation: attention Tencent digital WeChat official number (ID:qqdigi) to get apple iPhone 7 dynamic, the latest information, the purchase guide, detailed evaluation, one hand video, interactive live everything. Chat chat point what? Look here.相关的主题文章: