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Software There are a dozen of customer service tips in the web. How many of them actually provide value? Although customer service tips like be polite with customers are correct, the point is they do not provide much further insight. Not to forget there are less chances that customers will return to a brand just because it interacts politely with its customers. In other words, there are thousands of customer service tips with a specific value-generating potentiality. As a business entrepreneur, you need to focus on the ones that rank high in terms of value generation. With this in mind, we have .piled a list of suggestions/tactics which will make your customer service smart and not effortlessly dumb. Please note that the below-mentioned tips are backed by multiple researches and consumer data, corroborating their benefits to businesses. 1. Develop a cross-channel strategy Omnichannel customer service is the need of the hour. However, most businesses fail at it especially when it .es to .bining information from different professionals and outside channels. Result customers get different version of .pany facts. Slip into the customers shoes and imagine the frustration that you have to face on getting dissimilar information at different channels. Implement a web based CRM solution . This will ensure that the information which has been siloed within separate departments is accessible to all your customer-facing channels. The CRM will act as a centralized knowledge repository for all your product/service information. It will be supported by a workflow that will bring true collaboration to your business. Paraphrasing the words of Aaron Fulkerson CEO of MindTouch, – Every .pany should have an easy-to-connect plug-and-play platform that contains all the product/service information. This hub should be accessible to all in sales, support and marketing so that the information present there can be easily updated and shared via easy-to-use APIs. 2. Work upon the .plaints Its disheartening to listen to customer .plaints agreed! However, reading the next few lines will make you rethink your decision. Around 70 to 90 percent of customers prefer businesses who not only give due credence to product/service .plaints but solve them in the first round itself. Follow the ART method: A cknowledge the .plaints ASAP. (Remember this is the most important step. By acknowledging the .plaint, customers get a sigh of relief that you have noticed their grievance and will take some action on it). R oute the concern to the concerned associate and resolve the issue .pletely. T ake the feedback of the customer. Statistics say that most customers hesitate to be vocal about further problems until and unless they are asked about it. You do not want to leave your customer partially-satisfied right? Taking a short feedback will certify that you leave your customers happy and content with your service. Chances of a further doubt will remain low. Also dont forget to use positive language. They are a great way to avoid accidental conflicts. For instance, instead of saying the product cannot be made available till next month (which is a negative statement) you can say The product will be available next month (affirmative statement). Learn to focus on proposed solutions than citing the impossibilities. This will help you reduce the odds and make customers accept your service. 3. Stay with the customer throughout Its .mon knowledge that post-purchase experience is as important as pre-purchase experience. But still its surprising that most .panies (even some big players) ignore it .pletely. In the name of post purchase support, .panies offer a static and outdated list of FAQs. Lets read how such a dumb online support affects the customers Paraphrasing the feedback of a customers .ment in a social forum Its simply amazing to see the change of .panies attitude after sales. Do they fail to realize that bad support experiences are far more likely to spread through social channels which influence others purchase decision? With this in mind, a few .panies have started the initiative to change. The objective is to create a smart online support i.e. an open forum dealing with customer issues. The USP is that apart from customer support agents, vendors, partner and other customers also offer solutions. Inevitably this makes the forum as a highly active zone where the customers get the benefit of seeing the answers provided by everyone. Chances of getting the right answers at a quick speed are high which makes it a winning strategy. 4. Invest in a Great Service Build a business that customers love. And how can you do it? Create a customer-centric culture which acts as the foundation of your business. Invest in the right customer service team, tools and tactics to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Also make sure your customer service heroes are as enthusiastic as you are. In other words motivate them on regular intervals to keep the zeal high. Apart from monetary incentives, render them with proper work assistance. For instance, without proper guidelines or structure, your customer support agents might be .pelled to offer a disservice to your customers. To evade such a problem, ensure that you give them a set of rules to follow. Remember these rules will act as guidelines and not a fixed script. Hence, frame the tactics accordingly. Also coach your agents through dummy calls. Lets say – how should the agent react when a customer demands for an unreasonable discount? Similarly, create a few other scenarios and outline some suggestions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: