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Friendship boat! The middle small drinking Xujiu yiyanbuge bite ears – Beijing small drink and chat together, just to catch up, but who wants to drink more than two people actually in the toilet door "fight", one could put on the other side of the ear to bite down! The Mid Autumn Festival, reunion, Ninghai Zhu has to pay for his own behavior: because of drunk off hair little Li an ear, September 14th on suspicion of the crime of intentional injury Zhu was arrested by Ninghai County People’s procuratorate. Very small two Pro after being apart a long time drinking Xujiu late into the night at the age of 38 and 34 year old Zhu Chen is Ninghai people, living in a village. Zhu’s father is a son-in-law, he is particularly sensitive to this point, they grew up together, became a good friend without words. Later, the two of them go out to work, the opportunity to meet less and less. Nevertheless, the feelings of the young still maintain the brothers. Two years ago, Zhu Chen also married, to drink the banquet. The night of September 2nd this year, working in the field of Zhu returned home, just in the village shop met a long time no see chen. A small meeting, particularly cordial. Chen quickly called Zhu to sit down and play mahjong, while playing with. A few rounds of mahjong down, a look at the table is already 11:30 in the evening. Mahjong are scattered, Zhu and Chen feel there are many words to say, so he bought a few cans of beer, two people continue to drink while chatting. Zhu liquor is not very good, but this night has to drink more than 1 points early in the morning, drank 5 cans of beer. As for Chen, he could not go, drink a few cans after it. Yiyanbuge bite off the ear of friendship completely turned the boat Jiujin up, two people have not very agile action. Chen Zhu dirty drinking too slow, Zhu said the wine to drink slowly. Drink a lot of small Chen jokingly said Zhu this foreigner a little uncomfortable. Those who said no, the listener interested, this "outsiders" let Zhu feel angry. "It’s ironic that my father was a door-to-door son-in-law," Zhu wrote down the enemy. Beer belly up, then two people helped to facilitate. They went to the public toilet in the five or six meters outside the shop, the shop owner said, when they drank and laughed, went to the toilet and helped each other. But soon, the store owner and the people in the store when I heard someone call "ears off, ears off, they ran over to see God, see Zhu and Chen" fight "in the right position, blood DC chen. The shop owner will quickly opened two, because the position of the toilet is not light, the light is too dim, the boss ran back to the store to get back to the small flashlight Chen bite off the ears. Although Chen was rushed to the hospital, but his ears are not back. Chen alarm. In this connection, friendship between the two boat has been turned upside down. A wounded one of those arrested are good drink villain ah how to go to the bathroom on the rise? Because too much to drink, two people in the police record can only vaguely hope相关的主题文章: