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Fuzhou introduced a limit order: the same project of different batches of real estate prices can not exceed 10% of Fuzhou introduced a limit order: the same project of different batches of real estate prices can not exceed 10% source: surging news climax with the property market continue to spread, many governments have introduced real estate related policies to strengthen the management of the real estate market. In September 28th, the general office of the Fuzhou Municipal People’s government issued a "notice" to further promote the Fuzhou City real estate market stable and healthy development of a number of opinions, from efforts to increase the supply of residential land, control prices increase, strengthen market supervision and other seven aspects. Notice pointed out that to further increase the supply of residential land, and strive to three years in the city of residential land supply in the previous year on the basis of plans to increase by more than 20%. Residential inventory to cycle less than 12 months (including 12 months) of the county (city) to adjust the annual land supply plan, increase the supply of ordinary residential land. At the same time, improve Fuzhou city public transfer of land for the project bid bond and shorten the land premium payment period, the bid bond increased from the current 20% to 30%, the full payment of land leasing period of 3 months, 50% payment within 30 days of payment to the date of the contract, the remaining within 90 days of full payment. In the commercial housing price management, the Fuzhou municipal government for the same batch of listings of all the publicity should be a one-time sales price, and specify the same type of housing prices, the next batch or not more than a 10%. "Notice" writes, the sale price of commercial housing development enterprises according to the provisions of the reported price departments, in accordance with the "one of the housing price and the price tag of the principle of publicity and sales of commercial property prices. The same batch of houses should be approved within 15 days after the sale of commercial housing permits all publicity sales price, and open foreign sales. Commercial housing sales price in principle should not be higher than the record price, the next batch of the same project for the pre-sale price shall not be higher than the previous batch of the same type of housing sales price of 10%. If the development of enterprises are not reported in accordance with the provisions of the sale price of commercial housing or not timely publicity, housing registration departments to suspend the sale of commercial housing pre-sale permit approval. In the industry view, Fuzhou introduced policies in line with expectations, because of the recent rise in housing prices in Fuzhou is more obvious, has entered the ranks of the country’s top ten. At the same time, after the purchase of Xiamen, part of the investment demand turned to focus on the Fuzhou market. According to the National Bureau of statistics data, in August of this year, Fuzhou new commercial housing prices rose 4.3% compared with the previous month, ranking the country’s fifth year on year increase of 20.4%. Enjoysmart Institute think tank Research Center Director Yan Yuejin pointed out that this policy put forward 10% measures to limit in housing sales quotation, this shows that Fuzhou officially launched the price of the contents of such practices of administrative intervention, but to bear fruit. Fuzhou reflects the pressure of rising prices is an important measure. However, in addition to the policy has been clearly defined above, the Fuzhou municipal government pointed out that the need to strengthen the real estate market dynamic regulatory mechanism, increase the intensity of policy reserves, regular follow-up analysis of the theory of price change相关的主题文章: