Ganmaoqing will increase 7 adverse reactions due to low escape the fate of chicken ribs

Ganmaoqing will increase 7 adverse reactions due to low escape fate Ganmaoqing chicken ribs will increase 7 adverse reactions more than and 200 approval is still not escape the fate of the chicken ribs "each reporter Jin Zhe in rapid update of the pharmaceutical market, and a cheap drug in variable fate. In September 30th, the State Food and Drug Administration (hereinafter referred to as the food and Drug Administration) issued "administration on the revision of Ganmaoqing preparation instructions of the announcement on the official website (2016 No. 155th)", decided to revise the Ganmaoqing preparation instructions, the most obvious change is the increase of 7 adverse reactions. The "daily economic news" reporter noted that, although the country more than 200 manufacturers have a cold production approval preparation, but the real production of the manufacturers of less than 1/4. Requirements of Ganmaoqing revised instructions announcement said, according to the evaluation results of adverse drug reactions, food and Drug Administration decided to Ganmaoqing preparation instructions warning, adverse reactions, contraindications and precautions and special populations were revised. Reporter comparison found that the revised Ganmaoqing specification contains seven digestive system, nervous system, and the spirit of the skin and its appendages, urinary system, blood system, and systemic adverse reactions such as sore throat and chest tightness. In the original Ganmaoqing preparation instructions, some labeled "reported taking the occurrence of acute neutropenia, platelet aplastic anemia, reduce adverse reactions," hematuria, some manufacturers directly labeled as "is not clear". The food and drug administration to remind all Ganmaoqing preparation production enterprise shall according to the relevant provisions of "drug registration management measures", put forward the supplementary application in accordance with the revised requirements, in October 28, 2016 before the provincial food and drug regulatory department. Personnel of production technology in Jiangsu a large pharmaceutical companies Mr. Hu told reporters that the revised specification makes a detailed description of adverse reactions, more rigorous than before. "This is not difficult, manufacturers only record in the Provincial Bureau in accordance with the requirements of the new specification and revision, you can sell goods." "Disappeared low-cost drugs"? Although the food and Drug Administration issued up to 250 Ganmaoqing tablets, Ganmaoqing capsule production approval, but the traditional varieties because of cheap "chicken ribs" could not escape the fate. Reporter comparison of a number of pharmaceutical electricity supplier platform, and visited a number of retail pharmacies in Guangzhou to see, cold Qing tablets, cold capsule basic price of 10 yuan or less, far lower than other cold drugs. According to incomplete statistics, the current number of well-known business platform can be sold on the cold display varieties of not more than 30, some even if it can be opened, showing the page also shows "out of stock". In the previous media reports, the cold has repeatedly been listed as the disappearance of low-cost drugs". Guangdong, a large pharmaceutical electricity supplier market department also said that the platform of a total of more than 2000 manufacturers of cold total sales of about $, add up to some well-known cold category. "Cold medicine is not in the electronic business platform sales, relatively 999 Ganmaoling granules, these well-known varieties more popular gankang." Downstream terminal fierce competition, cold sell not sell, directly affect the theory相关的主题文章: