Garden style living room to help you achieve the poetic dwelling

Garden style living room to help you achieve the poetic dwelling?? the living room decoration, we all want to make good use of the material, but apart from that, the style of the purchase is also very important, it is understood that many people love the living room decoration into the garden style, garden style living room decoration so, what are the characteristics of it, only reasonable decoration, decoration can be properly. Below to understand the next bar. ?? The living room decoration style garden features:?? 1, return to nature of European garden style decoration exquisite heart, though the information is returned to the small pastoral pastoral life. Of course, can also be used to reflect some of the decorations collocation, pastoral pastoral life inside some of the pursuit of art, such as the extensive use of floral pattern made of fabric and ornaments, some luxury and rich European style furniture in the restrained wall is also equipped with many murals and decorative flowers. Here the most prominent is the British pastoral style and French pastoral style. British pay attention to a lot of handmade cloth and so on, the French pay attention to the white furniture and bold color treatment. ?? 2, American pastoral style decoration, garden style inside, mainly is simple but not vulgar, elegance by people love, not because it is a very old fashioned garden. A lot of American pastoral style is raw material without decorations made of furniture and decoration materials, and even many still do the old, such as some bug, some scratches etc.. ?? 3, the Koreans love history. In general, the living room decoration which will reflect the history of things in a very significant position, may also be some antique ornaments, the wealthy have directly placed a genuine antique. In the decoration also used a lot of antique decoration materials, such as antique tiles, antique stone, antique wood furniture and rattan ware. That is to say the Korean living room is spacious and historic. On the basis of Korean garden style decoration and a lot of natural gas in the decoration inside, such as very exquisite bonsai styling, many simple accessories. (garden style garden style living room)?? type:?? 1, English pastoral style, English style garden furniture to milk white and ivory white white, high-grade birch, Catalpa wood frame, with high-grade environmental protection plate board, elegant shape, meticulous lines and high-grade paint processing, make each product like elegant mature middle-aged woman restrained subtle gentle and unassuming, calmly elegant flavor of life, and like a girl of eighteen pure and refined temperament, all make people full of excitement., fall into a reverie. ?? British rural furniture furniture features mainly in colorful cloth and handmade cloth, color is beautiful, with numerous flower pattern. Scotland, Suihua, fringe pattern is British pastoral style furniture eternal theme. Furniture material using pine, mahogany, making and engraving is pure handmade, very exquisite. ?? 2, American pastoral style, American pastoral style also known as American country style, one is natural style, advocating "return to nature", and strive to show relaxed, comfortable, natural life of the countryside in the indoor environment, is often the use of natural wood stone rattan bamboo and other materials simple texture. In the green room settings.相关的主题文章: