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Go to see the pine Lanshan scenery tourism Sina micro-blog | 2016 09 month 27 days 11:33 not only pine Lanshan quiet bays, headlands, charming sunshine, beaches, unique topography and charming scenery, as well as 6000 years ago, cultural relics, are facing the sea, mighty prominent anti Ming Japan’s Qi Jiguang statue and the Qi army Anti Japanese ruins of Beacon Tower, was built in the Song Dynasty Amitabha temple, there are beautiful "Niu Beijing Prime Minister", "Zhao Wuniang Trinidad Cardiff, saw the door Laolong Zhaoqing" of folklore and folk culture of the scenic fishermen, scenery and cultural landscape in one. More attractive, more features. With pictures with pine Lanshan seaside name not only rich and has many features: a quality suggestive of poetry or painting, the bay beach is numerous, numerous, strange landscape, breathtaking caves. Pine Lanshan Tiantai Mountain from west to East and ran into the sea of the mountains, nature makes it form a tortuous harbor, beautiful islands and many Cape, beach, and the coastal topography of the reef area, of great momentum, spectacular in different poses and with different expressions. In a clear blue jade beside the sea and extremely rare mountains and caves.   drawing pictures with pine Lanshan beach up to five or six km wide, there are sand Changsha, there are tens of meters long small beach, beach less some hard, some are pure and fine, golden sand, the sea just go back, you can walk on it, without shoes, not in the foot, leaving only a shallow footprints. Different, here on the mountain and the sea is not only, and the tight grip on the beach, you can see the sea mountains, water, and mountain view of the sea, heard of the tide, mountain, sea, beach constitutes a beautiful and harmonious landscape. With the above   [Sina] license the tourism statement without authorization, any units and individuals shall not be reproduced excerpts or otherwise use.相关的主题文章: