Guangxi part of the industrial park five years of idle output fell more than 30% – Sohu news

Guangxi Industrial Park idle five years production decline of over 30% Sohu news "Economic Reference News" reporters in Guangxi interviews found that affected by the pressure of the economic downturn, some industrial parks and facilities construction is slow, some park standard plant vacant for a long time, the lack of enterprises in some enterprises; plant built part empty waste; some plant built and put into operation soon after idle for a variety of reasons. The output value of some industrial parks fell 30% over the past five years. Grassroots cadres and experts pointed out that these phenomena with certain universality, the current urgent need for unified examination of existing industrial park, from the supply side to reform, adjust the structure of the development part of the industrial park, explore the optimal allocation of the various elements of the change, part of the Industrial Park status, excessive pursuit of scale blindly, improve the park management and service. Awkward: built nest is not Laifeng in recent years, affected by the market environment, the relationship between supply and demand and other factors, to undertake the eastern industrial transfer, the development of labor-intensive processing industry, the main industrial park bottlenecks encountered in the investment process, and even built nests have not Laifeng embarrassment. Guangxi Laibin City district is the only District of Laibin City, industrial enterprises in electricity, aluminum processing, light industry, influenced by the market environment, these enterprises are facing enormous difficulties. District Three Industrial Park industrial GDP from about 27000000000 yuan in 2011, down to 18 billion yuan in 2015, five years, a decline of over 30%, reaching 33.3%, the development of the park are also affected. Guangxi Laibin City District Industrial Park A district and B district are standard workshop concentrated area, the reporter recently in interview here to see the plant vacancy phenomenon is serious, is desolate. In the A area, there is a "big agricultural machinery equipment factory" brand four standard factory buildings, equipment and materials placed on the ground clutter, covered with dust. In another building hanging "sanchen investment company" brand of standard workshop is empty". A District, a guard introduction, the park is only two or three enterprises in the production, staff of less than 200 people, other plants have long been empty, but the brand is still hanging on top. The reporter saw in the B area, 10 standard factory buildings are no signs of enterprises stationed in the huge plant has become empty". Deputy director of the Laibin City district industry management committee Chen Hui introduction, Xingbin District workers’ administration of three industrial parks including Industrial Park District, together in more than and 140 enterprises, 500 thousand square meters of standard workshop and the utilization rate of about 70%. The A and B standard garden district industrial plant a total of about 160 thousand square meters, the completion time for the 2011 to 2013, the light is the construction costs spent 250 million yuan, not including land, "three in one" and other expenses. Due to the presence of a small number of enterprises, some closed after the closure of the garrison, the first half of the output value is expected to enter the enterprise less than 90 million yuan, less than $5 million in profits and taxes. In order to encourage enterprises to enter, the current property management fees leased by the standard factory buildings by the government, starting in September 2015, the rent is also reduced from 8 yuan per square meter per month.相关的主题文章: