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Haotian won gold: 10.23 silver price analysis of crude bitumen! The US election day will We want you to the investment market! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Raise a Babel of criticism of the United States presidential election, can be said to be the rest of this year’s best deals, both Hilary and Trump came to power, will disrupt the global financial market, market fluctuations in the market, after the in-depth analysis of this topic, I think this opportunity is worth the investment friends grasp, financial market products market will there is a big move, so this is only a recent midline chance, I hope you can keep up with this wave of opportunity! It is a week later, the golden nine silvers ten will finish ten last week, the silver market and hope that we can have a good return, review this week and we can be mixed, was greater than the loss is the receipt, investment noidleness to operate not blindly, there are plans to plan to make the investment and investment after all is not gambling, don’t mind to do investment with gamblers! Bear in mind! []: the analysis of oil asphalt market this week’s crude oil market is in the range of shocks, we can see that under $50, $52 over the interval shock within a week or so, and not out of this range, so the market is also waiting for the ignition fuse, so the teacher forecast next week Haotian there will be a wave of a large unilateral, estimated at about $2, I hope you can grasp this wave! From the 4 hours, the uplink channel is working well, the market also further rebound in the picture index MACD and KDJ are pointing to the bull market halted at around $51, so the opening next week is expected to upward shock wave, and drag the top line is still at $52, below the support is still $50! Specific operational recommendations will be opened in the given direction, single friends can contact the teacher to assess Haotian analysis and market risk! Market analysis: [silver] silver of the market this week and there are no major fluctuations, from the daily point of view has been relatively flat, brin rail slight concussion, the profit space is not large, operating value is relatively low, from the picture index MACD, multi energy column, is expected to be a wave of rebound however, from KDJ indicators, three lines to turn head, restrain long rebound, so next week is expected after the opening shock or silver market! If the recent silver friends not too much profit! The specific operation is given after the opening Haotian teacher! Single set of investors: why is it so difficult to stop the list? It is important to understand the importance of a stop loss, however, this is not the end result. In fact, investors set up a list of stop and no example was swept out of market, meet the eye everywhere, the tragedy of almost every day in a. Why is it so difficult? There are three reasons: first, the psychological luck. Some investors also know the trend相关的主题文章: