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Hebei Dachang launched for Beijing tourists 6 autumn tour Sohu outdoor watched super big city, also want to find a quiet place to taste dull and quiet, the October is destined to surprise you, Beijing, Tongzhou, 6 km to the east to find a beautiful secret territory, only a river with Tongzhou every autumn, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind will only make you forget, this piece of picturesque beauty, quiet if if Taoyuan pure land, quiet impetuous heart, shook the soul, a dream place, only for the elegant quiet. Here is the Dachang Hui Autonomous county. Dainzin Dachang thought is the architectural styles of the mosque, the National Palace, everywhere exudes a mysterious Islamic style, has become a outstanding representative of perfect combination of Islamic style and modern culture "". Jingdong first river — the Chaobai River around the county and the southwest, into the Dachang would like to enter into a huge natural oxygen bar, the forest coverage rate reached 38%, known as the "capital of green oxygen bar". Starting from Beijing, the Tong Yan expressway, drove only forty minutes, the road of flowers, delicate and charming, autumn, the dense forest guarding the land, rivers and lakes and the shuttle in the jungle, until in the boundless wilderness, blue sky, white clouds, sunshine, grass, such as poetry, painting. You see, Dachang mysterious fashion is the need you savor, like a delicious food, only slowly to taste the unique flavor of Islamic style, to know how to taste, please see the following six fine lines for your secret! 1, along the 102 National Highway quest — spa line manufacturers (including the characteristics of Hui diet) 2, 103 National Highway quest — Charm tours (Dachang Hui diet containing 3 features), farm fishing line 4, visit the two day tour, 5 Dachang leisure fun small fresh, perfect two day tour of Dachang line photo, 6 6 wheel travel experience, open 4+2, along national highway 102 quest — spa line manufacturers (including the characteristics of Hui diet) line: North Hollywood mosque — South Wang Zhuang Folk Village — Jing Rui Cloisonne filigree inlay production base — the Jingdong first hot spring resort travel: 1, to visit the North Hollywood mosque to worship. Enjoy the quiet and elegant Muslim temple temple architecture, watch the whole process of Muslim worship, feel the mysterious Muslim culture. 2, in most Muslim features Xia Dian Zhen Nan Wang Zhuang Cun Hui Folk Village — zero feel the simple folk customs, Hui Hui compatriots happy life of the new era. In 3, filigree inlay production base, visit the selected national intangible cultural heritage, known as the "Yanjing eight" the first national arts and crafts boutique filigree mosaic. Or to Beijing for their sharp Cloisonne personally designed a cloisonne work home. 4, lunch was Emperor Qian Long praised the "cannabis Jingdong seven" pie. 5, to the surrounding areas of Beijing, the only sulfur hot springs is also the best water quality in the vicinity of Beijing hot springs – Jingdong first spa resort, enjoy the health spa bath. Two, 103 national manufacturers — Charm tours quest.相关的主题文章: