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"Hello!" Wang Sicong as the producer on the goddess of concern (Figure) – Beijing poster Beijing August 31 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xi) the reporter learned that, from 31 onwards, the talent show "Hello! Goddess will be formally launched, with a new story structure, star + amateur combination of programs show. Earlier, producer Wang Sicong went to Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Changsha conducted four city selection, interview netizens love goddess. In the face of the selection criteria and direction, Wang Sicong admitted: do not speculate on my standards, do a program you can not do according to their own tastes, to determine what everyone’s taste is." In the audition scene, Wang Sicong sometimes humorous, sometimes sharp comments, the only change is to show his rigorous, strict attitude. In the program, Wang Sicong will also humorous ridicule: "some people longer than she is photogenic good-looking, like me." In Beijing the audition scene, the drama goddess Li Linyu with a sense of rhythm with a dance with the place in the eyes, a rich emotional musical performances, won one hundred thousand votes goddess of value. In Chengdu audition scene, Li Yuan with vibrant voice, received ten thousand votes of the goddess, success to see Wang Sicong. Throughout the "pretty embarrassing" goddess Chen Haipei, with two days ago to buy a flute entry, presented flute show. Tan Yanyan offers beautiful classical dance. Send a high expectations of Shanghai in Wang Sicong, a successful player "the actor" magic startled the scene, a female version of Wu Yifan but missed the cut. Singing and dancing with full of aura Wansui, dance performances conquer the audience. Changsha field players frequently poor state, while the dark horse Chen Shujun but with its youthful sweet temperament to get consistent praise. Each player has a different beauty, different character, but have the same talent, this time in the "Hello!" the goddess of successful promotion 10 strong players in the castle after a week, more male detective work day surprise God to come back, the girls with male gods and what happens? Who can ultimately become a national goddess? It is reported that, "Hello goddess" will be held on August 31st every Wednesday evening 20:00 video broadcast in Tencent. (end)相关的主题文章: