Heres The Most Difficult Interview Question For

Business Banking is a very challenging industry in which to work. People who are successful in banking have a combination of outstanding research and analytical skills, people skills and the desire to work some of the longest hours every week. In return for the long hours and the job demands, bankers can expect to receive an income well above market average. It is not unusual to have people at senior levels in banking earn over a million pounds per year in pay and bonus. Getting a job in banking is very challenging. It is not uncommon for a company to have 100 or more resumes for every opening. The banking industry has a term for the day they interview all the candidates and it is called "super day." On that day you can be subjected to over a dozen interviews with people at all different levels within the company. The process starts at 8 in the morning and can easily extend to 8 or 9 at night. The purpose of these multiple interviews is to select the one or two candidates from the 100 applicants that will be hired by the company. The interview process is the make or break point for all of the applicants. Almost every bank firm will ask you a series of technical question to ascertain that you are familiar with the formulas that are used daily in banking. The company may give you a case study and ask you to evaluate the case. The last series of question that you will be asked are fit questions to determine whether or not you will fit into the company’s corporate culture. There will be one question that will be the hardest one that you will be asked during this marathon interview process. This one question will quickly separate the potential hires from the rejects. That one simple question is: "Why do you want to work in banking?" This one simple question sounds very innocuous when you first hear it. Yet the point of the question is to determine whether or not you have what it takes to be successful in the highly demanding field of banking. It also highlights whether or not you have the dedication and drive to make it in the banking industry. How you answer this one question will usually determine whether you are invited back for a second round of interviews or you are rejected on the spot. Successful candidates spend a lot of time on preparing their answer to this question. You want to emphasize your interest in the industry, how well you understand the market, what skills you bring to the position and what you are willing to do to be successful in the job. Before your interviews make sure you prepare you answer for this one question. It may be the difference between being hired and being rejected. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: