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"Holy" and top artist was licking the screen level original first exposure Coinfamily Mobile Games "holy orthodox Confucianism" lick the screen for the first time today released the original level, the release of the game is a novel of the four main core characters. According to official sources, the exposure of the original painting by the ancient circle of top artist surgeon, tailored for the "holy" and Mobile Games. Fresh and beautiful picture of style, the original novel meanders. The exposure of a group of people the beauty of figure is made up of top artist Pro build, four characters in the original outline perfectly. A new round of licking screen artifact has come, you are ready to a key collection it?   if the enemy force is the transport of Chinese novels supremely poor disciple pen, made famous by the body with the world masterpieces. Use poetry to kill, brilliant in the body, and the body has a refined atmosphere for Terran virtual Saint scholar kill destroy the demon soul. "Holy" and Mobile Games to restore the enemy poetry set, song of the wind force if the supremely chunqiangshezhan, momentum is pressing. The paintings of Fang Yunyuan, a character: pen battle, shining text reflects the power of poetry. In the game, game player can take the form of leading, go again the Holy road.   soft water and as pretty as a picture in the novel, shipped around with the help of. Yang Yuhuan, who shipped the bride, when shipped down still never abandon. With her talent for music, learning to have shipped Qinse, Jinshi talent, with the protagonist shipped together enemy, CO wrote the song touching and love. The original Yang Yuhuan in soft water, hands holding the naive little pet Nunu, perfect image in the novel. Players in the game can be invited to do a partner in Yuhuan, the strength of Yuhuan will certainly be able to enhance the strength of your combat team.   evil kuangjuan demon clan ancestor of the demon emperor renruqiming, as the ancestor of the demon clan, will bring a lot of obstacles in the road transport in Cheng Shengzhi square. The original complex carved the evil demon emperor of a red color, also reproduce the image in his novels. The game will also be the demon emperor is a big obstacle to protagonist battle, controlled by his demon and inverse quite kind of scholar throughout the people, Synutra, impossible to guard against every corner of the latent. After all, is not the last big BOSS demon king, the answer requires players to reveal their own.   shipped the friend dragon blood is never love unruly yellow dragons, Huang Ao actually shipped dragon genius, because emperor made war poems, Ao Huangcai became king. Later, the Dragon Prince AO and follow the party, party and friends recognized as a brother to become. The original painting in a yellow robe Huang Ao, long dragon exclusive long Jiao Meimuqingxiu head, full of heroic spirit. "Holy" and Mobile Games, Huang Ao dragon blood will appear in the capital, help you enhance the combat effectiveness of game player. "Holy" and Mobile Games will bring you different wind in Mobile Games. I believe when the "holy" and the beta, will bring you a new visual experience and different gaming experience. Wu Sansheng Confucianism, book I love, please lock "and" holy Mobile Games, we only belongs to you and the world. A "holy" and "Confucianism" is the most holy Art Star game development, magic Scarlett network exclusive agent.相关的主题文章: