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Hong Kong media: China tourists panic buying Japanese enterprises "second condom arouse spring" – Sohu News Reference News Network February 1st Hong Kong media reported that Chinese tourists in Japan "explosive buy" boom did not stop the recent Japanese condom become Chinese sweetheart, because "Chinese system is not safe". But China passengers visit "Ning buy Japanese goods, not to buy goods, big day drug panic buying behavior, by the Hubei provincial CPPCC members described as" Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises shame". According to Hongkong "Oriental Daily" reported on February 1st, according to foreign media quoted analysts said, although the Japanese condom market is shrinking, but Chinese of overseas brands of condoms has increased the demand, so the long-term prospects of the Japanese condom manufacturers is relatively optimistic. The manufacturer revealed that Chinese tour on its brand wantonly panic buying condoms, and even a shortage. Hubei provincial CPPCC members, humanwell Pharmaceutical Group Chairman Wang Xuehai, for China guest in Japan swept the drugs, called "Chinese to Japan to buy cold medicine, is Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises shame". He criticized the China pharmaceutical companies rely on price competition, but not to meet the people’s increasing innovation in consumer demand.

港媒:中国游客抢购避孕套 唤起日企“第二春”-搜狐新闻  参考消息网2月1日报道 港媒称,中国游客在日本“爆买”热潮未停,近期日本安全套成为中国人的新欢,只因“中国制的不安全”。不过中国旅客访日“宁买日货,不买国货”,大肆抢购日制药物的行为,遭湖北省政协委员形容为“中国制药企业的耻辱”。   据香港《东方日报》2月1日报道,据外国传媒引述分析师称,虽然日本安全套市场不断萎缩,但中国对海外品牌的安全套的需求大幅增加,因此日本安全套制造商的长远前景相对乐观。有制造商更透露,中国游客游日时大肆抢购安全套,其品牌甚至出现供不应求的情况。   湖北省政协委员、人福医药集团董事长王学海,针对中国客在日狂扫药物,称“中国人到日本买感冒药,是中国制药企业的耻辱”。他批评中国制药企业只靠“杀价”竞争,却无法创新去满足民众日益提升的消费需求。相关的主题文章: