Hong Kong stocks rebound now, pay attention to individual stocks rebound investment opportunities-e2140

Hong Kong stocks rebounded to individual short-term rebound opportunities Sina Finance client: the most profitable investors in Hong Kong level2 market through Sina Hong Kong News February 16th news agency cards according to the Hongkong Economic Daily reported the Hang Seng index rebounded yesterday nearly 600 points, has been close to the highest closing day. Hong Kong has stabilized, but still need to observe the rebound, but can pay attention to individual stock short-term investment opportunities Bo rebound. Hong Kong stocks benefited from the peripheral manufacturing, and the mainland A shares after the resumption of the market, there is no rush down, leading the Hong Kong stocks yesterday rose more and more, but the turnover is low, only 66 billion 400 million yuan. A large number of stocks have been significantly improved, and the large shares have a greater resilience in the early decline of the internal and external stock market. Morgan Stanley: the most bear 16500 however, Morgan Stanley on the Hong Kong stock market outlook remain cautious. The line refers to the index last week had a low rate of account city times, 2008 "financial tsunami", 97 to 98 years of the "Asian financial crisis", even when the valuation of the global recession in 2001 and 2002 worse. However, due to concerns about global economic soundness of Morgan Stanley and yield curve flattened, Chinese exchange rate and banking system, and the Hong Kong dollar exchange rate, in the relevant factors will not alleviate the situation, the Hong Kong stock is still down, the target of 16500 bear material HSI, which is the market closed yesterday may have to adjust the space of nearly 13%. The material is 2638 to 2850 on the technical trend, the Hang Seng Index surged yesterday after the country after that, have l arrived near the 18900 point and 7900 point level. However, the big city above all obstacles, the initial resistance of 20 antenna (HSI for 19157 points, China refers to the 8029 point). If we can successfully break through and stabilize, the two indexes will continue to be 19770 points and 8270 points before the test. As for A shares, the market performance is stable, but the turnover is reduced to 328 billion 900 million RMB again. A shares have gradually dropped to below 400 billion yuan, reflecting the lack of purchasing power of A shares. In addition, people’s Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan refers to the yuan continuing depreciation basis does not exist (see B2 version [renminbi rebound — exports of RMB short-term strong President]), the RMB has appreciated about 800 pips yesterday to 6.49, since the beginning of the strongest level of exchange rate. The stability of the RMB exchange rate is also favorable to stabilize the stock market in China and Hong Kong. However, the Shanghai stock market is expected to remain at 2638 to 2850 in the absence of A shares. On the other hand, international oil prices have also rebounded recently. The market expects oil production to rise and support the recovery of oil prices. However, it is still too early for the oil group to reach consensus on the reduction of production. It is expected that the volatility of oil prices is still low and will continue to dominate the market, and investors should pay close attention to the development of the situation. In general, the periphery and A shares are stable, favorable for Hong Kong stocks continue to rebound, but the top of the city is a lot of resistance, the market should capture more individual value of Bo shares, but in the process of rebound, but also strictly adhere to risk management. Investors may pay attention to the oversold insurers such as China Life (02628) and Ping An insurance (02318 of

港股现反弹 留意个别股短线反弹投资机会 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   新浪港股讯 2月16日消息 据香港经济日报报道 恒指昨日反弹近600点,已接近全日最高位收市。港股初见回稳,但仍需观察反弹力度,不过可留意个别股份短线博反弹的投资机会。   港股受惠外围造好,加上内地A股假期复市后,未见追跌急泻,带动港股昨日愈升愈有,惟成交偏低,仅664亿元。多个板块显著造好,大型股份中以早前跌势较大的内银股及内险股反弹力度较强。   摩根士丹利:恒指最熊见16500   然而,摩根士丹利对港股后市维持审慎。该行指,恒指上周曾见市帐率低过一倍,较2008年“金融海啸”、97年至98年“亚洲金融风暴”,甚至是2001及2002年的全球衰退时的估值更差。   不过,由于摩根士丹利关注全球经济及孳息曲线趋平坦、中国汇率以及银行体系的稳健程度,以及港元的汇率问题,在有关因素不会减轻的情况下,港股仍有下跌机会,料恒指最熊目标为16500点,即较昨日收市可能有近13%的调整空间。    上证料2638至2850上落   技术走势上,恒指及国指经过昨日急升后,已分别升抵18900点及7900点水平附近。然而,大市上方阻力重重,初步阻力为20天线(恒指为19157点,国指则8029点)。若能成功突破并企稳,两项指数将续可上试前阻力19770点及8270点水平。   至于A股复市表现靠稳,惟成交再度缩减至3,289亿元人民币,A股近日成交已逐步跌至4,000亿元人民币以下,反映A股购买力不足。   此外,人行行长周小川指,人民币不存在持续贬值的基础(详见B2版【人币反弹――行长出口术 人币短线转强】),在岸人民币昨日曾升值约800点子至6.49水平,为年初以来最强汇率水平。人民币汇价进一步靠稳亦有利稳定中港股市,惟在A股成交不足下,估计上证仍维持于2638点至2850点区间上落。   外围方面,国际油价近日亦见反弹。市场憧憬油组减产升温,支持油价回升,惟目前油组要达成减产共识仍言之尚早,预期油价在低位波动性仍大,并将继续左右大市后向,投资者宜密切留意局势发展。   综合而言,外围及A股靠稳,有利港股延续反弹,惟大市上方阻力重重,后市宜捕捉个别较为值博的股份,惟博反弹过程中也要严守风险管理。投资者可留意超跌内险股如国寿(02628)及平保(02318)、消费股如IMAX(01970)及合生元(01112)。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: