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Hostess: Faker LOL Daquan girlfriend didn’t number one on the list? The strength of the League no doubt that only one person, that is the Faker. So, as a worldwide popular game, of course, let us forget the shadows. After all, who is the most beautiful woman in your mind? Sjokz LCS and Faker Sjokz division during the finals of the photo Sjokz interview show big legs concerned about the North event of the audience believe that Sjokz are not unfamiliar, as a hostess in North America Division rare (in addition to a kill Matt hair hostess), she always lets the audience enjoy the game in the beautiful I can. Of course, we will see her in the MSI or S series. If only from the experience of speaking, Sjokz is in the field of female heroes union presided over the senate. Sweet Akina Southeast Division Akina Akina next to the double ponytail girl introduce the chair you might be unfamiliar, but have seen the iGamer League weekly buddy will never forget this lovely hostess. Akina previously served as moderator of the iGamer League weekly, is a video program in Hongkong Cantonese broadcast heroes union information, and Akina with her lovely appearance and sweet voice soon gained a large wave of fans. It is a pity that she has left the program now, in place of her is another beauty presided over SoSo. But this does not allow fans to forget the sweet voice of the Akina doll. A cold desert LPL division Zhang cold desert art as Zhang Mohan Zhang Mo cold, before serving as the LPL division director, she worked in Gansu TV football when the panoramic beauty chair, has rich experience in sports show host. Zhang Mohan itself is a real Harbin girl, but has a sense of the love of the TEDA football team, and in the program repeatedly wearing Jersey TEDA sexy appearance. A cheerful personality, she often in micro-blog and TEDA fans close interaction, so she was also the fans affectionately known as the "goddess of teda". It is understood that before she stepped into the LPL circle, it is already a strength to send players, but also a loyal fan of LPL. The scene more than frost Duan Yushuang, Duan Yushuang LPL LPL presided over the division more than frost interview players graduated from Communication University of China, before serving as the LPL division host, have plenty of hosting experience, and as English professional background and she is good at Chinese host. A bright smile and a sweet face, let the audience of LPL gradually understand her. Zhao Enjing Zhao Enjing Zhao Enjing Zhao Enjing LCK division LCK division, previously the most popular hostess, sweet face and a nice figure early conquest of the Korean fans. Even the devil had passed and Eunjung scandal, once said Eunjung love Marin more time also caused the fans greatly for Faker.相关的主题文章: