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How to give your baby a diaper? When the mother and daughter of Sohu when the diaper? Everyone has a different point of view, the conclusion is that the most suitable time between 1 and ~4 years old. 2 ~2 years old half can begin to consider the child or diapers, because this time the child may start to sit in the toilet, know the concept and meaning of the toilet, also can clearly express their wishes and ideas, to be able to tell when the toilet in advance of parents. But each child has a different pace, do not have to force the child when it is necessary to quit diapers, parents can accompany their children to learn to sit toilet, waiting for the child to be ready to quit. On the toilet, this seemingly very simple behavior, in fact, related to the child’s nerves, muscles, language and cognitive development. If the child every half an hour on a toilet, on behalf of the bladder and sphincter is not mature enough, parents can through training, to enhance children bladder and sphincter function, enhance the ability of urination, and sphincter mature in about 1 years old It differs from man to man., usually half to 2 and a half years old will mature. Quit the diaper, children’s motor development also must be able to express the wishes of the toilet, the toilet can sit, walk and even self on the stool, will wear the pants, after the end of small stool and small toilet down, if these simple steps to take care of themselves, when training is more likely to succeed. Imitating adults on the toilet is an important skill to help children learn and adapt to society. As the children grew up, began to observe the people around them, the curiosity of germination, always want to explore the surrounding things, will begin to mimic the behavior of others, when parents or elders play even more important role. Quit diapers can start to prepare a child exclusive small toilet, let the children develop the habit of sitting on the toilet, if separate free movement of small toilet, also can let him wear clothes on reading or doing other things, then ask whether the child can sit on the toilet above to remove small diapers, and repeated narrative, "Mom and dad every day pee sitting on the toilet, we like you are big, pee sitting on the toilet". The baby may be curious to follow do, and even let the children take off diapers sitting on a small toilet, parents can also demonstrate to their children to see, learning better. Don’t be influenced by others, respect the wishes of the child until the child’s neurological and cognitive maturity, can realize the feeling of pee and poo, bladder capacity also increased, the muscles to independently control the liberation of time and at the right time, can use language or action to help adults, so that we can learn to control the size of success. Training children must wait for physiological maturity, the cumulative must also be through time and experience, the real test of parents’ patience, but don’t be affected by others or elders, and forcing children to immediately quit diapers. There are often elders feel will quit is a diaper index of things, and to others, plus the previous background and modern past are different, use diapers, diapers or pants as they are now learning. Long.相关的主题文章: