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Arts-and-Entertainment There are times when you want to have a change in your everyday life to break the humdrum run of things. Imagine what a difference it would make to be able to find out how you can learn to be a pilot! Suddenly your whole world could take on a totally different aspect in terms of how you view things and what you do in the future, particularly if you are a .puter games buff that finds any new venture to be a challenge. If that is the case, then you need to look no further than learning to be a pilot using your .puter and the latest online flight simulation systems to help you achieve that challenge. What we are talking about, is a .puterised online flight simulation system that enables you to learn to be a pilot without ever leaving the ground, or for that matter your own home,what a thought that is! Now you are thinking to yourself, how can that work, how can I learn how to be a pilot and not fly a real aeroplane? Quite easily,because we are looking at the latest fully animated, fully operational,fully interactive flight simulation programme, that leaves you gasping as you delve into its intricate systems and that you can operate fully and .pletely on your own sitting at home and going nowhere else! Once you get into the workings of the system (which is based on OpenGL graphics rendering,(which means the programme can really do just about anything and make it look realistic) you will find that you can spend many happy hours flying yourself all over the world. Just think abou this for a moment:- you can programme yourself to fly different aircraft types from the Wright Brother’s first plane to any of today’s state of the art military jets, or a jumbo jet, or helicopters and as for terrain, you will be able to fly anywhere in the whole wide world! What’s more,you can programme yourself to land at your local airport, fly over your own house,test your flying skills with many aircraft types( there are over 20,000 real world airports you can choose from),change the scenery worldwide,create realistic night runway lighting,work with other flight fans to fly in formation,have realistic 3D cockpit or flight deck views, land on a aircraft carrier,try air to air refuelling,try landings and take offs,create emergency situations for you to over.e and so very much more that you can programme for yourself. Enough to say, that if you want to find out how you can learn to be a pilot,without the dangers of flying a real plane, then your best way forward is to go online and try a flight simulation system for yourself. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: