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HUAWEI tablet M3 figure reward: Harman Kardon joint design of video and portable devices – Sohu technology September 20th, HUAWEI tablet M3 in the domestic debut. This product is the main function of audio and video, called "HUAWEI | propaganda Harman Kardon joint design, positioning portable devices for home entertainment video. Not only from the screen performance has been upgraded, the sound is also excellent configuration. In addition to a value is that it is equipped with HUAWEI video applications, will provide more than 1000 wonderful sources, 20000 TV sets, a total of 32 thousand hours of super film library, whether the members or non members, HUAWEI tablet M3 users can enjoy to advertising service. HUAWEI tablet M3 packaging is very delicate, the impression is more profound AKG headphones, simple fashion design, direct display is also different. But it echoes with the main purpose of the sound. However, it should be noted that only the 129GB version of this headset configuration. HUAWEI tablet M3 appearance is still inherited the family style design, the three segment of the body, the use of seamless nano injection molding technology, the use of 3D track drilling process. Overall relatively thin, only 310G, 4.6mm thickness. HUAWEI tablet M3 is equipped with a 8.4 inches 2560×1600 resolution screen, pixel density of up to 359ppi, and support ClariVu display technology to enhance the screen up to 82% of the proportion of up to. Screen length to width ratio of 16:10, compared with iPad MINI 4 increased by about 27%. This allows users to watch the video, there will be more shocking effect. At the same time, it can be seen that the fingerprint identification element is placed on the front HOME key. Support for a touch unlock and gestures, a key to replace a variety of operations. Battery capacity of 5100mAh, life should be good in theory. Camera, HUAWEI tablet M3 before and after the 8 million pixels, the camera is not the main, but it seems that HUAWEI would like to make this tablet for self". In terms of sound, it uses the Hi-Fi AK4376 chip, the bilateral power of about 1W stereo speakers, support Smart PA automatic adjustment. At the same time the introduction of Harman Kardon sound system, and for the first time the use of HUAWEI exclusive ultra wide field of sound patented technology SWS 3, users can use the custom version of the AKG Hi-Fi headset. HUAWEI tablet M3 positioning is relatively clear, the focus on the configuration in place, coupled with the excellent work of HUAWEI products, market performance is worth looking forward to.相关的主题文章: