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Huayi Brothers intends to buy some shares had been the hero of mutual entertainment is the second largest shareholder of Phoenix Technology News News November 24th, Huayi Brothers announced today, intends to issue of shares to buy Beijing hero shares mutual entertainment Polytron Technologies Inc. It is reported that Huayi Brothers had already had 20% shares of mutual entertainment heroes, the largest shareholder of the second. Huayi Brothers early layout of the field in the game, has invested layout including A shares of listed companies, Mobile Games zhangqu technology silverside game etc.. In November 19th last year, Huayi Brothers announced that intends to entertainment mutual entertainment Polytron Technologies Inc invested 1 billion 900 million yuan, the total number of shares subscribed for Beijing. At that time, the move is considered to be the Huayi Brothers open mobile game from R & D operations, to distribution channels, to key mobile gaming complete chain step. In October 24th this year, the hero mutual entertainment released in the third quarter of this year, the report shows that the heroes of mutual entertainment in 2016 – to achieve the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed company about $369 million, an increase of 2151.76% over the same period in September. 2016 hero mutual entertainment Huayi Brothers performance commitments for 500 million net profit, as of the end of the third quarter has completed more than 70%. At present, the hero’s mutual entertainment business includes game development operations, mobile gaming events, VR content and marketing, VR events, sports life etc.. In the end product, hero mutual entertainment owns including the world’s first FPS Mobile Games "," national competitive shooting the world’s first music dance "dance group" Mobile Games a day, the world’s first TPS naval battleship "and" the peak of competitive Mobile Games "shadow blade 2" ten high quality mobile gaming Mobile Games. In the event, the hero mutual Entertainment Organization launched the largest regional mobile gaming event HPL (Hero Pro League) hero League, including online tour, tour, occupation, race, overseas campus league tournament finals and other professional mobile gaming event, has been successfully operating for nearly two years, the hero of the game entertainment events registered users has reached 400 million.相关的主题文章: