I was on the face of Feng Xiaogang with his head grass mud man called Lin Chiling is more beautiful -e3300

Feng Xiaogang s face painted mud was his head grass man called Beijing August Beijing Lin Chiling in United States – 31, according to Taiwan "Chinese times news, Feng Xiaogang recently invited on s presided over the variety show love on the show to challenge their acting small s also did not miss opportunities, live performances directed by Feng Xiaogang the new film Fan Bingbing’s girl in a corner to change" Feng girl "s, Feng Xiaogang was lost in the grass mud, his face painted on the head, so she shouted:" you make me?" Little Feng Xiaogang was asked in the 2010 Golden Horse Award Ceremony: "with the vision of the director, I and Lin Chiling who is beautiful?" At that time Feng Xiaogang said after a year to answer, after a lapse of six years, s again pressed, he finally relented and said: "my heart is the answer, Lin Chiling." A rare chance to catch small, also asked Feng Xiaogang whether casting special love Hsu Chi? Feng Xiaogang praised Hsu Chi’s excellent, but also private intimate artists, and had burst with her to Hokkaido for the shooting, shooting at the end, Hsu Chi has been found on the road and later learned that she was particularly every staff to prepare a gift, according to the preferences of each person, make everyone very moved.相关的主题文章: