If the world eight leading the endorsement today IOS to play on denka

If the world today eight leading the endorsement by iOS to play music on the two dimensional interactive R & D turn Mobile Games "if the world" officially added to App Store today, and will open the whole platform open beta in September 23rd. "If the world" is a pure man day wind round MMORPG Mobile Games, inherited the town’s "The legend of Condor Hero (Book)", "Baby Magic (micro-blog)" two popular turn based gameplay essence, Buffy, family division…… All the classic elements of a comprehensive upgrade. Fresh day diffuse style to turn the game to bring a different experience, more classic cartoon characters heavy debut, quickly entered the world of animation round, take risks, a meet! Why do you want to play "the world"? 1, the only [manga style] round game, Lolita, strong woman, adorable uncle, Lengnan, Jun, high blood vigour Niang free play! 2, pets can evolve the turn of the game, after the evolution of the Dragon super dragon! 3, [] variant weapons can turn the game, variant knife gun, sickle variant sword, hammer variant for gun! 4, the depth of social, camp, guild, coach, grenade, marriage, sworn, team, friends, Goods are available in all varieties! 5, [] MMORPG Mobile Games orthodox round, "The legend of Condor Hero" Baby Magic "cast" sequel! 6, more than the ultra popular anime voice actors to join, as the story was in full voice, animation in the world!相关的主题文章: