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If you have a daughter, don’t do this to her! Sohu baby if you have a daughter, she would want healthy temperament, intelligent girl as beautiful as a flower. But the girl in the care should be more nuanced. If you love her, don’t do this to her! Feeding 1, not Tanliang long eat cold food will stimulate the stomach, causing the spleen and stomach, deficiency of Yang Gong Han, the larger will be endocrine disorders, irregular menstruation, the skin becomes poor. Children love to play, I was always to play summer cold water, it is likely to play a long time so, qi stagnation and blood stasis, dim and dark skin, and easy to long acne. 2, do not eat too much sweet food girls preference for sweets will cause fat accumulation, the body fat, develop the habit of eating too much sweets, it will accelerate the aging of cells, the birth of white hair, osteoporosis, etc.. In addition, greasy food, such as fried foods, fat, etc., will increase the body’s heat and humidity, making it easy to Zhangdou obesity, physical weakness, slow action. 3, do not play too much computer and other electronic products, children should be more outdoor activities, so that the constitution will be good, strong resistance. Too long time playing computer, development is not good for children of the spine, but also affect the eyesight, even more beautiful eyes behind glasses have what use? 4, often eat hot pot barbecue many adults love to eat hot pot, also with the child often eat. Let us Hot pot and barbecue regardless of their health, they all put a lot of children can not eat the seasoning, and Hot pot bottom material inside a lot of fat to eat high calorie foods for children puffiness. 5, many women workers blowing air over the summer in the air conditioning room at least above 8 hours every time, especially to the employee will feel weak, very uncomfortable. This is because the excessive blow air conditioning increased the body’s moisture, is not conducive to detoxification, but also for a long period of poor blood circulation will lead to other diseases. The little girl is not blowing air conditioning, the body is not good bones. 6, autumn and winter are barefooted many careless mother put the girl when the boy raised, the late autumn season do not give your baby to wear socks, also let the children running barefoot. The Chinese say "cold warm foot head, especially girls heel must be well protected, the relationship between reproductive health and sleep. The education of 1, don’t too much of her mother often yelling at children, children’s emotions and mood will be affected, some become depressed, some are more serious, not only the character is not good, but also become a "subtly malicious woman". 2, don’t spoil a princess unruly, always vexatious "little princess" is not a few people can afford it. A princess sick child in school is not easy to find a friend, but will be isolated, the character becomes worse. So, you can let your daughter "Princess fan" but must not have "Princess disease". 3, do not let her rely on others, there is no lack of ideas around us there is no lack of many independent girls. Thought can never be independent, others ask what相关的主题文章: